eSR SGTs Reloaded v2.0

eSR SGTs Reloaded for GTR2

arranged and reworked by =SiGi= for the eSport Racing League

release date : 01.07.2009
Version : 2.0
Platform : GTR2

Car List :

Aston Martin DBR-9
Audi R8 GT3 *
Audi R8GT Sport
Audi R8GT Wide Body
BMW M3 McLaren V12 *
Corvette C6-R *
Ferrari 360 GT Modena
Ferrari 550 Maranello *
Ford Mustang GT *
Lamborghini Gallardo GT *
Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT *
Maserati MC12
Mosler MT900 GT *
Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
Porsche Alzen GT
Seat Toledo Evo *
Toyota Supra BT *
Viper CC GT

* new cars

18 car-classes a 5 skins = 90 overall

Mod History / change-log :

Version 2.0 RELOADED (25.06.2009) :

* added new car-classes (see above *)
* overworked rim-sets, tires, calipers and brakedisks
* optimized gearbox (more detailed)
* overworked / optimized CAR files (MoTeC values, seat positions aso…)
* added new / overworked car-sounds (matched volume aso…)
* overworked / adapted MoTeC displays
* added / overworked interior mirror-displays
* optimized data-structures and textures (renamed / removed unused files aso…)
* added / fixed exhaust-smoke and backfires on all cars
* added / adapted new skins
* added TALENT file
* fixed CTDs / errors with low settings
* and a lot of other things….

for detailed infos see included readme files in the car folders

update v1.01 (24/04/2009) :

* fixed DBR-9 damage-file and collission model

Version 1.0 (initial release) :

* added equal physics to all cars (engine / gearbox / tires / suspensions)
* new engine (6,0 Liter V12 BiTurbo 700 PS@7750 upm — 710 NM@5750 upm)
* added / adapted sounds
* added / overworked tires, rims, brakedisks and calipers
* added / overworked MoTeC / LCDs
* added cockpit-mirrors (monitors)
* added / adapted skins
* added eSR League banners
* added individual driver suits and helmets
* and a lot of other small things….

Install / Deinstall Instructions and Settings :

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Deinstallation :

If you have installed the eSR SUPER GTs v1.0 or 1.01 make sure to remove it first completly before installing this new version, otherwhise there will be CTD / errors !

the following files must be removed / deleted :

1) go to folder “GTR2\GameData\” and delete this files :

==> SIM_eSR_SuperGTs.txt
==> SIM_eSR_SuperGTs.gdb
==> SIM_eSR_SuperGTs_Icon.tga

2) go to directory “GTR2\GameData\Sounds\eSR\” and delete this folder :

==> SuperGTs (delete complete)

3) go to directory “GTR2\GameData\Teams\” and delete the folder :

==> eSR_Super_GTs (delete complete)

4) go to directory “GTR2\UserData\your nickname\” and delete this files (if exist) :

==> SIM_eSR_SuperGTs.bch

done !

Installation :

1) extract the mod-file with WinRAR or else
2) copy the GameData folder and paste it into your GTR2 main-directory (for example X:\GTR2)
3) allow to overwrite the existing GameData with “YES ALL”
4) done

– there will be no original GTR2 files overwritten
– there should be no conflicts with original cars or other mods

this is a full standalone version – no other files / mods are needed to run it

Graphical Settings :

All Cars includes only high-resolution BODY, WINDOWS and COCKPIT textures. There should be no more problems / crashes in the RELOADED Edition even if you choose low settings but there will be anyhow only high-res textures shown. For the most cars are also low mesh wheels / rims available – if not, there will be shown full wheel-details in game even if you choose low textures or disable high wheel details (same like with the textures).

The interior cockpit-view from the driver suits and gloves are adapted from colours to the high-res Textures from BariCZ, therefore i also advise to install it if you haven’t yet (see below on “Extras”)

i advise for the best view the following settings in game :

Details Driver Car = FULL
Details External Car = FULL

and under “Optionen – Graphic – Advanced” :

High Wheel-Details = ACTIVATE
High Resolution Cars = ACTIVATE
High Resolution Cockpits = ACTIVATE

Extras :

i also advise everyone to install the high-resolution Alpinestars driver suits / gloves from BariCZ – the cockpit-view looks awsome with that 😉

Download HD Gloves and Suits


Our thanks goes to all car-builders, sound-constructors, modders and painters for their excellent work ! Without their input, creativity and passion GTR2 wouldn’t surely that what it still is : a game that brings us still fun because of new mods and tracks 😎

please see for more infos / credits the included Readme files in the car and team folders.

Special thanks goes to Bulldog13 for his always able help 😉

Simbin for GTR2

used Tools :

* 3DSimED by Dave Noonan
* ZModeler by Zanoza SDT
* Photoshop by Adobe
* Photoshop dds plugin
* GEditor v0.35
* ENG-CALCULATOR v2.02 by Dschaensn
* Showroom Tech Specs v1.11 by tomdoyle1948

Terms of Use – Disclaimer :

The eSR SGT RELOADED Mod was exclusive created for our eSR League, therefore it is NOT allowed to use it for regular racing in other leagues !

The use for occasional fun events (without rating) and public server-hosting in the GTR2 lobbies is permitted.

This mod was build for private entertainment, therefore it is not allowed to use or offer contents of it in any kind of ways for commercial purpose / profit without a written permission of the respecitve owners.

Use it at your own risk – we assume no liability for possible damages.

This mod may only hosted by

It is not allowed to use, change or convert contents from this mod for other projects without a written permission of the respecitve owners / authors.

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.



Size: 323 MB
Version: 2.0
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