eSR World Touring Car Series v1.01

eSR World Touring Car Series for GTR2

Mod created by SiGi for the eSport Racing Community and our online events on

Version : 1.01
Plattform : GTR2
Worktime : End March – July 2015

Official Mod-Thread (Screens, Videos, Support, Feedback aso.)

Mod-Infos :

The eSR World Touring Car Series is a modification wich includes all touring cars of the past SimBin games and still more are included which was driven in the real WTCC and STCC Seasons. I have also added all cars and many Teams that took part in the real championships, but missing or later only partly added in the SimBin Games.

Features :

– 26 car models (+ different styles) and nearly 500 Teams
– real cars and teams / drivers / outfits
– real physics / datas (1:1 assumed from SimBin)
– good visible head, rear, brake and rainlights
– reworked cockpits with new, good viewable MoTeC Displays and Warn / RPM LEDs
– Cockpit Chassis on all cars
– Rainscreens
– reworked / fitted engine and effect sounds
– and much more….

Car List and Classes :

Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) 2008 – 2011
World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) 2005 – 2013

Cars :

Alfa Romeo 156
Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
Audi A4
BMW 320i E46
BMW 320si E90 / 2009 / Facelift / TC
Chevrolet Cruze / LT / 1.6T
Chevrolet Lacetti
Ford Focus RS (2005)
Ford Focus ST170
Ford Focus S2000 TC
Honda Accord Euro R
Honda Civic S2000 TC / WTCC
Lada 110S / 2.0
Lada Granta S2000 / WTCC
Lada Priora
Mercedes-Benz C200
Opel Astra OPC
Peugeot 308
Peugeot 407
SEAT León / 2.0 / TDi / TFSi / WTCC / SR 1.6T
SEAT Toledo Cubra
Toyota Corolla T-Sport
Vauxhall Vectra (Opel Vectra C Addon)
Volvo C30 / 2010 / DRIVe
Volvo S60
VW Scirocco

Mod History / change-log :

(worktime March – July 2015)

v1.01 – 30.07.2015 :

– fixed / improved Engine Lifetime Values on some cars

v1.0 – 29.07.2015 – Initial Release :

* converted and fitted all cars, teams (skins) and sounds to GTR2
* reworked and fitted several 3D objects (GMT files)
* replaced / added / created partly new lights / covers
* created cockpit chassis for all cars (for more detailed hood-view)
* created new exhaust flames and glow textures
* created several new textures and masks (body, generics, windows, wheels aso.)
* added raceseats for all cars (for showroom view)
* created individual wheel sets for all cars
* reworked cockpits (steeringwheels aso.)
* added / created new digital displays (MoTeCs), RPM and Warning Lights
* created rainscreens for all cars
* created driver numberplates for all cars
* re-created / improved several windows, banner textures and alpha channels
* fitted all engine and effects sounds
* fitted / reworked / created all CAS files
* created new CAR files and fitted all values / positions
* added technical specifications for all cars
* added individual driver suits and helmets
* and a lot more things i can’t remember….


SiGi…………….Idea, Realization, GTR2 Conversion, 3D-Modding, GFX Works and Updates
SimBin………….many 3D Models, Physics, Skins and Sounds

Addon Cars :

Ford Focus RS (ST2) – created by PetraGTC for RACE07, 3D Model created by eddie3spain
Ford Focus ST – from Ford Focus Cup 2009 for GTR2, created by TrackaHolics (former MRS Productions)
Ford Focus S2000 TC – created by PetraGTC, from the WTCC 2012-2013 Mod for RACE07
Honda Civic S2000 TC – created by PetraGTC, from the WTCC 2012-2013 Mod for RACE07
Lada Granta WTCC – from the vRRC Mod for RACE07, created by Andkorot
Lada Priora – from the Lada Priora WTCC 2009 Mod for RACE07, created by Denis Vorobjov

see included ReadMe files in the explicit car folder for more infos…

Addon Skins / Teams :

– created by various RACE07 Community Skiners / Painters

see included ReadMe files in the explicit team folder for more infos…

Special thanks goes to all car-builders, sound-constructors and painters for their excellent work and also to SimBin for their fantastic Racing-Games !

Install Instructions and Settings :

1) extract the mod-file with WinRAR or else
2) copy the GameData folder and paste it into your GTR2 main-directory
3) allow to overwrite ALL existing Files and Folders
4) done

– there will be no original GTR2 files overwritten
– full standalone version – no other files / mods are needed to run it

Graphical Settings :

The interior cockpit-view from the driver suits and gloves are adapted from colours to the high-res Textures from BariCZ, therefore i also advise to install it if you haven’t yet.

Download HD Gloves and Suits

i advise for the best view the following settings in game :

Details Driver Car = FULL
Details External Car = FULL

and under “Optionen – Graphic – Advanced” :

High Wheel-Details = ACTIVATE
High Resolution Cars = ACTIVATE
High Resolution Cockpits = ACTIVATE

Terms of Use – Disclaimer :

The eSR WTCS was primarily created for our online events on, therefore it is only allowed to offer this mod on our website.

by using this mod you accept the following Terms :

– NO USE in other Leagues except our eSR League
– no use for commercial purpose / profit
– no removal of content for other mods without agreement of the Authors
– no changes on content and re-releases
– no public hosting over mediafire, mega, google drive aso…
– use at your own risk

All copyrights belong to their respective owners

good entertainment,


Size: 887 MB
Version: 1.01
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6 Thoughts to “eSR World Touring Car Series v1.01”

  1. sergio hundo

    Awesome mod. Great work ! I made new shaders with program GEMFX and i did two videos for to show with this mod. Take a look anf enjoy !!! Links: and

  2. Furi_54

    Hey guys.

    Message on behalf of the FRM team who are expanding the Super Touring mod for GTR2 and also the mid-00’s BTCC. We would like to ask permission to use some of the S2000 cars where required for our mod – of particular immediate attention springing to mind the Alfa 156 S2000, BMW E46 / E90 S2000 , Chevrolet Cruze / Lacetti S2000, Focus, Accord, Leon and Tolefo.

    Credit would be fully given to yourselves and original modders of course, and it would be of major benefit enabling us to do complete grids from UK historic and BTCC grids alongside the BTC and Super Touring cars.


    The FRM Team (Furi, Simspeed_Racing / TMSR, jsmee, Markano97, Suti)

    1. hello jsmee / Furi,

      i already answered your requests – maybe the email ended up in your spam folder?


      you have my permission to use cars / parts of my eSR World Touring Car Series Mod for your projects.

      just add the original ReadMe’s to the cars you will use from my mod and everything is ok 😉

      best regards


  3. jsmee

    Skins for 2013/2012 Seat Leon are not showing correctly as they are on the wrong model? Is there a fix?

    1. hello jsmee,

      i have checked all Seat Leon 2012/2013 Teams and for me all skins are displayed corretley.

      have you installed other WTCC mods ? maybe this cause the problem…


  4. setvo

    GTR2 is incredible game 😉

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