FA Porsche Cup Mod v1.0

FA Porsche Cup Mod for GTR2

Mod created by Frank Amend

This is a free Mod for GTR² by Simbin. Use it at your own risk.
To install “FAPCup” you will need approximately 170MB of free disk space.

Includes 50 Teams :

– 25 Porsche GT3 RSR
– 20 Porsche GT3 RS (Mixed field with 03/04 version Porsches and Icepols)
– 5 Cup Porsches

– Many New Rims – I guess it´s not neceserry to count them, enjoy Watchin… 😉
– Driver Talent Files
– Matched Team Dresses/Colors


Simbin for such a great game.
Vince Klortho for giving his helping hand by finishing some new Wheels.
Well at Least me (Frank A) by painting all the 50 Cars by myself.
To all the makers of the other Add on Wheels in this “New Wheel” Packs
(None of them are used at this mod by now).

Installation Instructions :

Extract the Files to your Main GTR² Directory or Point the self extraction path search to your GTR2 Main Directory.

Important -read carefully :

There are also all the New Wheel and Rim Sets included wich i have made the past few Weeks. So if you already have them installed you have the choise to let it Overwrite or not, but “YOU MUST HAVE !!!” it in your Team Directorys. Otherwise you get CTD if you choose a car with some new Rims and Wheels.

You also need to have the Option: “High Resolution Wheels” activated.

Some of my further released GT3´s are also included and fitted to Join the Cup. So please let Overwrite the Older files or you will not be able to see or choose the cars if you wanna Race the Cup.

No Original GTR² Game Files will be overwriten!

You will be able to Join the Cup in the Official tab or in the Unofficial tab. If you choose a whole Championchip you will race the season on 18 Tracks. Most of them are Originals the other ones are Add on Tracks and must be Downloaded if they are not in your Location Folder yet. 😉

Track List :

Barcelona – default GTR2 Track
Oschersleben – default GTR2 Track
Estoril – default GTR2 Track
Le Mans 24H by Frank55
Adria International Raceway by CodeF1
Anderstorp – default GTR2 Track
Donington – default GTR2 Track
Monza – default GTR2 Track
Hockenheim – default GTR2 Track
Spa – default GTR2 Track
Imola – default GTR2 Track
Brno – default GTR2 Track
Norisring by JOGI
Macau GP 2006 by Superkolos
Monaco 1979 by DutchDevil
Silverstone GP / British GP by 4ph3x
Nordschleife 24h by DutchDevil
A1 Ring by DutchDevil

The Tracks can be downloaded on http://www.gtr4u.de or here on eSport-Racing.de.

Just Download the tracks and extract it to your Locations folder. The Track and Race names are still added to the Championchip GDB files. (Note that the Tracks are the right ones. i.e.: Silverstone is called in Location Folder “BritishGP” and not “Silverstone”.) I Still would like to add the Avus Track also but as long as it is not Official Released / Converted i wouldnt do. But who knows if it will be official at some time.

Cheers Frank


Size: 71 MB
Version: 1.0
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  1. Mr. Spark Plug

    The download link is dead. Could you please post a new link?

    1. the download link works again

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