Estonia 21 Mod v1.0

Estonia 21 Mod for GTR2

Original rFactor mod by Ville Sokk, converted to GTR2 by drEdOp.
Special thanks to Goresh for pointing me out how to make the tachometer gauge work. Big thanks bud.

All physics are the default rFactor ones, except the tires. I just added all weather tires and gave them a little bit more grip. I’ve included also the default tires, so you can change them at any time, either by renaming the filenames or editing the tires entry in the E21.cas file.

The original mod has only one red driver’s suit, so I added some other colors too. If you don’t like any, just go into the Teams folder and delete the file (where XXX is the driver’s name).


rFactor original mod:

* Niels Heusinkveld for physics bits (especially for the tires and engine)
* Tony from the Grand Prix Classics team for the helmet
* 6e66o for the cubemap
* ISI for the sounds and pace car
* Lauri Tõnspoeg for providing information about the car
* Everyone who has uploaded photos of the car to the web
* Kaido Almre for modifying many things (cameras, gen files etc)
* F1CEL league for testing
* Ville Sokk for everything else (models, textures, skins, physics etc)


* Goresh – for pointing out the obvious way for the tachometer gauge to work
* drEdOp – conversion to GTR2


Estonia was a race car manufacturer based in Estonia, which, at the time, was occupied by the Soviet Union. The first Estonia car was built in 1957 in Tallinna Autoremondi Katsetehas (TARK) led by Ants Seiler. The car set the lap record in its first race in Leningrad. Inspired by the success, Ants Seiler proposed building two more cars named Estonia 2 and 3. After racing these cars orders from all over the Soviet Union started coming in which led to the production of Estonia formula cars.

Estonia 21, which was designed by the successful racing driver Raul Sarap (who also designed Esttec 884 which won the Finnish F4 championship against Western machinery) became the most successful Estonia by production volume (a total of 295 were built). It was so highly sophisticated that the following Estonia 22 and 23 cars didn’t get past the prototype phase. The car used a VAZ engine that produced about 130hp (depending on who prepared it) at the end of its lifetime. Estonia 21 was inspired by the successful Lotus 79 and likewise used ground effect.

A spaceframe chassis was used instead of a monocoque because of the low availability of some metals in the Soviet Union. The car had two updated versions, Estonia 21M and Estonia 21-10.

After Estonia 21 retired, Estonia 24 (the first model with a monocoque chassis), 25 and 26 were produced. Thanks to the collapse of the Soviet Union and to the transferral to a new economy only 6 Estonia 26s were built. The factory was privatized and named Kavor. In 2000 the last car named Estonia 26-9 was built. An impressive total of about 1300 cars (plus hundreds of karts) were produced which rivals even established Western manufacturers.


The original mod was released under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 license, so every modification or conversion of the mod must be distributed under the same license. Read the LICENSE.TXT for further info.

Templates are included in a separate archive inside the .7z file.
Read the instructions for skinning.


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Version: 1.0
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