F1 1967 Mod v1.1

F1 1967 Mod for GTR2


Loose Ether : 2D/3D Update, testing
deep-strike : Physics, testing

Official Mod / Author-Website

Special Thanks to :

GeeDee :
cockpit tub re-texturing, skin re-painting, Cooper Dish Wheel alterations, enlarged external drivers, testing

BorekS :
Mirror meshes, technical assistance

Thank you guys ! 😀

Please read included GTR2_F1-1967_v1.0.txt file for important and more detailed information about this mod, although genstring options have changed and other info may now be redundant. See .CAR and .CAS files for genstring breakdown.

I also highly recommend getting and using the excellent GTLCarTools program by Nappe1 to turn car slots on and off.


If you have v1.0 of this mod installed, delete the “F1-1967” folder out of your GTR2\GameData\Teams\…directory BEFORE installing this version 1.1 !

Changes have been made to the way files are named and organised within the mod and so version 1.0 is now incompatible and should be deleted.

You do not need to delete the gamedata\sounds\F1-1967, just allow to overwrite.


extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your
GTR2 main-directory – allow to overwrite existing one with “YES ALL” – done.

Version 1.1 (January 2015)

MAIN CHANGES – see below Fixes and Changes for details :

– New cars
– New mirrors
– New driver designations
– New gauge paints
– New dual gauges
– New genstring options
– Many fixes


– see included ReadMe file

Known Issues :

*- Some flickering on cars.
*- Some transparency issues under shadows – depends on track.
*- Not perfect fit for internal driver bodies.
*- No animated external drivers as they don’t fit in cockpit.
*- Gap between car bodies and cockpit in cockpit view, particularly the Honda.
*- Sound levels could be better.
*- Dashboard lights could be better.
*- Some cars are a little fast.
*- All talent files are identical.

Have fun !!
Loose Ether 2015

Size: 239 MB
Version: 1.1
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