F1 1994 Mod Trackpack v2.2

F1 1994 Mod Trackpack for GTR2

created / arranged by GTR233

Alternative Download Mirrors :

Download from mega.nz

Download from Racedepartment (official source, requires registration)

Description :

Full F1 1994 championship tracks pack with specific F1SR94 liveries : 16 tracks with nice PnG3 style LODs.

I always let readme inside each track folder when author wrote one so please read them for the work they have done :

1-Adelaide, Estoril, Hockenheim, Hungaroring, Jerez, Monaco, Montreal, Monza, Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps & Suzuka
Original tracks built from scratch by Carrera.4 for rFactor, GTR2 conversion by DerDumeklemmer for Festbierbude.de
Hungaroring start grid #17 fix by GTR233
Estoril jumping cars in garage at start fix by GTR233

GTR2 version updated by GTR233 for HQ Anniversary Patch

Original track by Afdelta for GTR, converted by TTTTT for rFactor, converted by Gobi for GTR2, updated by GTR233 for F1SR94 mod

GP4 conversion by MotorfX

GP4 conversion by ZWISS, updates by Bjarne Hansen

6-Okayama (TiAida)
Original GPL scratch made track by Polar Blue 21, rFactor conversion by Piro, and GTR2 conversion/update by NeelJ

Installation Instructions :

1) New clean GTR2 INSTALL with latest GTR2 HQ Anniversary Patch is highly recommended.

2) Download latest F1 1994 Mod Version here on eSport-Racing or from racedepartment (official source, requires registration), then extract archive with 7zip and overwrite GameData folder.

3) Download latest F1 1994 Mod Trackpack from here or from racedepartment (official source, requires registration), then extract archive with 7zip and overwrite GameData folder.


If you did not install my patched PLR via GTR2_SETUP.CMD from GTR2 HQ Anniversary Patch then you MUST update 2 lines for this mod in UserDataPROFILENAMEPROFILENAME.PLR :

Speed Sensitive Steering=”0.30000″ //Line 58, by default “0.60000” value is too high for F1 car
Wheels Visible In Cockpit=”1″ //Line 281, by default you won’t see wheels in cockpit view

change-log :

Version 2.1 :

– fixed Estoril rolling start (thanks to Jempy and Gwaldock)
– fixed rolling start safety car at adelaide, hungaroring, Spa, TiAida
– fixed TiAida : increased tree wall height to hide hole in mountain at second corner
– replaced Imola 88 track by 94 one (thanks to The Iron Wolf for advice)
– updated tyres temperatures
NB: you can overwrite old version 2.0 but YOU MUST DELETE ALL UserDataLOGHAT94xxxxx.HAT files

– reduced headlights flickering

Usage Disclaimer

This mod is PRIVATE (need free registration to RACEDEPARTMENT.COM to download it), this is a non-profit work made by passion for old gem GTR2 and provided as is, without warranty of any kind, use it at your own risk.
You are permitted to install and play this mod for private home use only, any commercial or public uses are forbidden.
It is forbidden to convert/modify any materials, or use it as part of another mod without written permission.
The original source is only available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM
Archive was tested with Kaspersky AV and to be sure that the archive you have downloaded was not modified then compare MD5 checksum with the one available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM

Credits :

AI tweaks/updates by GTR233
Bjarne Hansen for Magny-Cours updates
Culmone67 & DrivingItalia.net for HD track textures
DerDumeklemmer for his conversions of Carrera4 88 rF tracks
Fred_as for his HD track backgrounds
GTL Workshop for PnG3 LODs, updated by derDumeklemmer for 88 tracks, updated by GTR233 for 94 tracks
Jempy/Gwaldock for Estoril rolling start fix
NeelJ for Okayama GTR2 conversion from Piro rF conversion, and Polar Blue 21 for original GPL track
MotorfX for Interlagos track conversion from GP4
ZWISS for Magny-Cours track conversion from GP4


3DSimED by Dave Noonan

GTR233, 2021.

Size: 412 MB
Version: 2.2
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