F1 1994 Mod v1.01

F1 1994 Mod for GTR2

This Mod is dedicated to Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger.


Original Mod created by F1-S-R Team for rFactor
GTR2 Conversion by MasterBlaster Modding (Merlin & Vita4One aka. germanstig)

MasterBlaster Modding (Merlin & Vita4One aka. germanstig) presents the 1994 F1 Championship.

This mod was converted from rFactor with permission of the F1-S-R Team.

for full Credits see included “ReadMe F1 1994 Credits.txt” file.

Championship Infos from Wikipedia :

The 1994 FIA Formula One World Championship was the 48th season of FIA Formula One motor racing. It featured the 1994 Formula One World Championship for Drivers and the 1994 Formula One World Championship for Constructors, which were contested concurrently over a sixteen-race series that commenced on 27 March and ended on 13 November. Michael Schumacher won his first Drivers’ Championship, while WilliamsRenault won their third consecutive Constructors’ Championship, the seventh in all for Williams.

1994 was one of the most tragic and controversial seasons in the sport’s history. The San Marino Grand Prix saw the deaths of Austrian rookie Roland Ratzenberger and three-time World Champion Ayrton Senna (details); the FIA subsequently made sweeping changes to the rules and regulations of F1 in an effort to improve safety. Schumacher won six of the first seven races, building a significant lead for himself in the Drivers’ Championship and for BenettonFord in the Constructors’ Championship; he was then disqualified from two races and banned from two more, Williams driver Damon Hill winning all four to reduce Schumacher’s lead to a single point by the final race in Australia. There, Schumacher and Hill controversially collided while disputing the lead, handing the Drivers’ Championship to the German. Schumacher would subsequently ram Jacques Villeneuve in similar circumstances three years later, resulting in disqualification and widespread condemnation. 1992 World Champion Nigel Mansell, returning to F1 after two seasons in CART, won the race to secure the Constructors’ Championship for Williams.

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GTR2 Mod Features :

– moving suspensions (external view only)
– new specular and emaps
– driver and model changes during the seasons
– trackspecific liveries

Championship Instructions :

To run the championship you need the following tracks:

TI Aida (Okayama)
Jerez de la Frontera

You will have to make your own gbd files for each as there is no (official) 1994 trackpack at the moment. To race the cars on other tracks beside the historic ones, remove the “IgnoreTrackFilter” command from the 1994_F1.gdb and SIM_F1_1994.gdb.

Alternatively you can download our ’94 private trackpack here

Terms of Use :

It’s not allowed to modify this mod without our permission.
It’s not allowed to host this mod at any other site, except the ones were we are releasing it!

Have fun and enjoy!

This mod is dedicated to Ayrton Senna the best F1 driver of all times.

MasterBlaster Blog | GTR2 Mod Source

Version 1.01 – updates by SiGi for eSport-Racing.de, March 2020 :

– fixed CTD (Crash to Desktop) after hitting the pit stop request button *
– renamed main vehicle folder “F1 1994” to “F1_1994_MB” to prevent conflicts with another eponymous mod (F1 93-95) *
– added reworked engine file by germanstig (with it are the to fast overheating engines corrected)
– improved car shadows (better edge smoothing)
– improved internal Driver Position / Eyepoint and Camera Target
– adjusted engine volume for Williams Teams (was too loud before)

* the gap in the name of the main vehicle folder was the cause of the crashes because relevant files were not loaded or found. Vehicle folders must not contain any spaces in the name.

Installation Instructions :

if you have installed a previous version of this mod you should delete them first from your GTR2 Teams folder before installing this newer version.

extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and copy-paste the GameData folder to your GTR2 main directory – allow to overwrite all existing folders / files with “YES ALL” – done.

No original GTR2 files will be overwritten.

Terms of Use :

– only for private, non-commercial use / entertainment
– use at your own risk

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

good entertainment



Size: 471 MB
Version: 1.01
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10 Thoughts to “F1 1994 Mod v1.01”

  1. TheIronWolf

    If someone ever decides to improve this further, I noticed 3 issues:

    * Rain tires look the same as dry tires
    * Touching wheels with AI does nothing, so collisions could be less forgiving
    * Championship allows duplicate drivers.

  2. TheIronWolf

    Reporting an issue:
    If Opponent Detail = 3, mirrors do not work when in the Championshi mode. They are completely grayed out.
    Setting Opponent Detail to 2 fixes that issue.

    1. Beco1

      Don’t expect an answer, buddy – I think this place is gone, admin dead or whatever. Nothing new since July. 🙁

      1. TheIronWolf

        No worries – I figured all my problems out 🙂

        Hopefully with VR and CC added we’ll get some life back into GTR2.

  3. TheIronWolf

    Thank you for creating and updating this fine mod.

    How do I download the private track pack? Do I need to be member of a league or something?

  4. rafaelcatiloli

    Porque no modo Championships, na visão de dentro do cockpit, não aparece a imagem refletida nos espelhos retrovisores ? No modo Race Weekend tudo funciona perfeito… Muito obrigado e aguardo alguma informação. Saudações a todos. rafaelcatiloli 04-05-2020

  5. marches

    Thanks for this mod, it is accurate and nice. Very good job!!!

    – First impression is the speed, amazing…
    – The cars never roll or try to capsize = pretty good accuracy in physic
    – the only cons is the multitude of copies that yes, represent perfectly 1994, but
    are an havoc because you get duplicated instance of the drivers *unless* you
    have the proper tracks package (protected, you need permission to download)
    – in my very case i just removed the duplicated cars (cars 941xx/942xx/943xx…)
    and their drivers that come late during the season.
    Therefore for each .car file there’s only the bare: Category=”1994F1″

  6. HGT Jean

    j’ai un soucis lorsque j’essaie d’ouvrir le .rar downloadé.
    Message d’erreur: “archive endommagée ou format inconnu”.
    je n’ai jamais eu de problème avant.
    Quelqu’un peut-il m’aider svp? J’aimerais vraiment avoir ce mod..

    1. hello Jean,

      I just downloaded the file and could unpacked it without any error message.

      simply download the file again – your corrupt file was probably not fully loaded from the server – the full .rar file is 471 MB in size.

      ps.: i use WinRAR v5.71 (64-bit) – you can also try first the repair function if you don’t want to download the complete mod again.


      1. HGT Jean

        New version of WinRar and it’s ok.

        THANKS for your answer and for this “historical” mod!


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