F3000 Challenge faster car speed v1.5

F3000 Challenge faster car speed for GTR2

created by mark_f

Note :

1. YOU NEED : F3000 Challenge 2002 Mod v1.1
2. YOU NEED : F3000 Challenge F1 Addon Skins

Im Sorry for this update – I made it alot better

I tested car speed can reach 225MPH in MONZA – very Fast and FUN to drive !

READ MY README for Installation

updates :

* I add new 7-Gears
* I add more corner speed and more Torque
* I added Backup files for UIData

note : no cars or tracks or championships included


Install :

1. Install F3000 CHALLENGE 2002 mod v1.1

2. Install my mod IN TO GTR2\GameData\Teams\F3000

3. install F3000 Formula 1 pack v1.0 in to my mod in F3000 folder

4. AND REMOVE FOLDER go to C:\GTR2\GameData\Teams\FUN\F3000 REMOVE “FUN” folder. to Make a Backup

F3000 AI CAR CORNER SPEED to slow the cars down fix

Backup GameSave. it is in GTR2\UserData. Backup-UserData
Look in “UserData” Look for “yourname.PLR” and open file and click on
“select the program from a list” click “OK” and select “Notepad” and click
off “Always use the selected——-” click “OK” and Look for [ Game Options ]

and Look for “AI Corner Grip Usage=”0.93000”
and change it to “AI Corner Grip Usage=”0.87000” Close and save

and. AI Driver Strength to 100% in game to

Size: 23 MB
Version: 1.5
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