Ferrari 312B 1970 v1.0

Ferrari 312B 1970 for GTR2


2D/3D stuff: BorekS (2013-2014), originaly by R. Stratton / Tyio (2007)
3D/3D stuff ingame conversion: BorekS (2013-2014), originaly by RMi and R. Stratton (2007)
Car physics: deep-strike (2014), originaly by RMi (2007-2013)
Sounds: car engine sounds by wolferl / effects library by SimBin, soundset adapted for the car by deep-strike (2014)

Special thanks to:

!Dirk for a thorough car physics ingame testing and feedback
Looseether for gauge settings / tweaking
GeeDee for the mod support, in many important aspects, including the test driver case and cockpit driver related fixes 😉

Mod car add-on homepage:
Original source model homepage:

Car Infos from Wikipedia :

The Ferrari 312B was a Formula One racing car designed and built by Scuderia Ferrari. It was the successor to the Ferrari 312 and was used from 1970 until early 1975. The original 312B was developed into the 312B2 and 312B3.

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The Mod Story:

Originaly RMi got rights to convert, and change if needed, Tyios Ferrari 312B model into racing game simulation, at 2007. Because the Tyios original 3d model was not designed for games, it was not so easy. At 2013 I got an offer to finish the car add-on. The plain car re-conversion has changed into a bigger model overhaul, so it is almost a new scratch made model infact, except original base tubus mesh, wings, exhaust pipes and few suspension mesh parts 🙂

For more you can visit this place:

Car add-on skin content

F1 1970 #03 – Jacky Ickx (Mexican GP / 1st place)
F1 1970 #04 – Clay Regazzoni (Italian GP /1st place)
F1 1970 #18 – Jacky Ickx (Canadian GP / 1ts place)
F1 1970 #27 – Clay Regazzoni (Belgain GP / 8th place)
F1 1970 #28 – Ignazio Giunti (Belgain GP / 4th place)
F1 1971 #06 – Mario Andretti (South African GP /1st place)


Car #3, #4 and #18 use gauge style 1 (shortly: all 1970 cars with “circle number” marking are gauge style 1 :-))
Car #27 and #28 use gauge style 2 (shortly: all 1970 “stripy” marked cars are gauge style 2 :-))
Car #06 use gauge style 3 (shortly: all 1971 cars are gauge style 3 :-))


Copy the Gamedata folder to your GTR2 installation folder. i.e if you have GTR2 installed in x:\GTR2 then copy the gamedata folder to x:\GTR2\, letting it overwrite.

PLR file – make Wheels Visible In Cockpit=”1″

Next you need to edit your <player name>.PLR file.
Player name is the name you use to drive in GTR2 and the file is found in UserData\<player name>\<player name>.PLR
i.e if your GTR2 driver name is Speedy then the file you need to edit is UserData\speedy\speedy.PLR

You need to make sure that this file contains this line, found in the [ Graphic Options ] section :
Wheels Visible In Cockpit=”1″

Tip: Use Notepad to edit the file.

This will tell GTR2 to show the front wheels when in cockpit view, which is of course the only way to drive an F1 mod 😉
If Wheels Visible In Cockpit=”0″ then just change the 0 to 1

Run game and select from menu a “F1 Ferrari 312B” item…

Up/Down, Forward/Back cockpit adjustment

You may need to adjust the driver position up or down and/or forward or back when changing to different cars.
To achieve this you dont have to search or map any special keys for it, just use mouse:
Push a RIGHT mouse button and with the pushed button move the mouse forwards, backwards, left or right… thats the whole trick 🙂

Note: if you need to reset the cockpit adjustment, you can edit the <player name>.PLR file.
Find Seat Adjustment rows and set it to zero, like this:
Seat Adjustment Aft=”0.00000″
Seat Adjustment Up=”0.00000″

Known F1 Ferrari 312B mod issues / bugs

* not optimal animated driver arms and legs at virtual cockpit


There are two different tires, the hard and the soft tires. Both require a few rounds until it reaches the required temperature have to be able to build up grip. We have worked a lot on the tires and the grip behavior is intentional, because we think it is more similar to the real behavior. On the hard tires we have reduced the grip a little in to compare to the 67mod, for this increases the durability. Therefore, the driver must be a little cautious at the beginning of a race, but does not necessarily make a pit stop. On the soft tires we have not changed the grip, for this reduces the durability. Thus we want to achieve achievement did pit stops will be made or the driver tire spares at the end of the race. Both tires we have changed the grip performance in addition. That means that the tires have less grip If they are too cold and also loose grip when they are too hot. As in reality.

In racing, you can often see or read, that cars have accidents because the tires have not enough temperature after a pit stop. In 1970, there were no electric blankets which the tires have heated up before.

Good luck and Enjoy!
BorekS and team

Property and restrictions:

The package is property of the creator/development members.
It is protected by the copyright agreements and the laws for protection of intellectual property.
Any offence against these rights can result in civil or criminal charges.

It is not allowed release/distribute this package with any changes without permissions.
It is not allowed rip/convert mesh parts of this package and/or use such mesh parts in other game/3D format without permissions.
It is not allowed to be profited commercially from this stuff.

It is allowed to create new skins, distributed separately (as a new F170 team standalone car slots / skin packs etc.).



Size: 64 MB
Version: 1.0
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4 Thoughts to “Ferrari 312B 1970 v1.0”

  1. Anders Bricquet

    I am discovering that all -Formula 1 type cars- or similar cars that I attempt to drive in GTR2 — they are ‘too difficult’ to drive with traction control set to ‘LOW’ (it is impossible to accelerate without spinning out…..and steer into corners at about any speed without spinning out as well) — and ‘too easy’ to drive with traction control set to ‘HIGH.’ Unfortunately, there is no ‘MEDIUM’ traction control setting in the ‘REALISM’ menu in GTR2.

    This same issue also applied to the Ferrari 312B 1970 which I downloaded.

    The cockpit view is decent — however, there is no visible speedometer velocity from the cockpit view, which would’ve been nice. Also, the several times that I ‘accidentally’ drove the Ferrari 312B 1970 ‘off the track’ by taking a turn to fast — there were 2 issues:

    1. It is nearly impossible, once you drive this car off the track (either onto the gravel or grass) to ‘steer’ this car back onto the track: It just goes STRAIGHT — you can’t ‘turn’ the car back onto the track. Whether this is a ‘realistic’ facet of this model of vehicle — or just a ‘glitch’ in the recreation of this model of vehicle — I don’t know.

    2. Accidentally driving the car off the track -onto the grass or gravel- and then trying to drive back onto the track — causes the engine to overheat to the point that it blows up (into flames) and shuts down completely, which in effect ends one’s race/practice. This happened to me every time I accidentally drove off track.

    Neither of these two issues has applied to any other user-made vehicle that I have downloaded for GTR2.

    1. BigBimon

      I use no traction control and it was so good.for me.

      Well i adapted to the physics of the car and it was so enjoyable to drive when you get use to it.

      at the end i love this car

  2. marches

    you are bloody well right Beco1!
    the Ferrari had only a very fast engine and an ancient chassis
    the Lotus 72 was the real new thing, although it was a deadly trap in his youth – however the great Jochen Rindt was another legue for the Ferraris. taken.
    See the races before that damn Monza and who was the champ.
    The Lotus 72C was really beautiful and was the 70 world champ car…

  3. Beco1

    Nice! May I suggest Jochen Rindt in his Lotus!? I think Jochen is in no mod at all which is sad.

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