Ferrari SuperCars v1.0

Ferrari SuperCars for GTR2

Mod created by RMi

included Vehicles:

* Ferrari Enzo
* Ferrari F40
* Ferrari F40 GTE

RMi brings you the closest thing to the.. real thing!

Step into one of two legendary SuperCars, built to the exacting physics standards that is “RMi TrueSpec”.
…drive the Street cars as you would your own…Please instal a gear mod to enjoy the full range of options on these great SuperCars.


– Steering wheel through drivers legs
– Enzo steering wheel lights non-functional

Not a bug, but we have fitted the Stock F40 with a 3:90 rear gear for the default, the standard 2:90 gear is realy only suited to long tracks such as LeMans.


Extract to X:\GTR2
Delete any previous SuperCars beta
[SIM_RMi_SuperCars.gdb and GameData\Teams\RMi_SuperCars\Ferrari_Enzo]

Credits :

Enzo Model converted by:
Smuckers for extensive remodeling

F40 Model converted by:
Smuckers for extensive remodeling

R.Stratton and D.Werner

JPBS for the F40 LM/GTE digidash.
Tom Doyle for the ShowRoom Specs tool
Atari for the 3d meshes used as a foundation for these cars.
SimBin for the little bits.


While the 3dmodels originated from Atari’s TestDrive Unlimited, RMi has performed extensive remodeling, body smoothing, vertex welding and numerous other things like all of the working dials and lights. We kindly ask for permission if the models are used to be conveted to another platform.

Physics are NOT allowed to be converted or used in any conversion of this mod or used as a basis in other works without permission.

Random Info :

F40 LM GTE s/n 84503 is an Evo 2, or second evolution of the F40 LM GTE fitted with a 3.6 liter motor producing 720 hp and an ungodly amount of torque for racing and BIG hp for qualifying. The F40 LM GTEs are much lighter and even more powerful than the F40 LMs, and also featured massive carbon fiber disc brakes and a sequential 6-speed gearbox by X-Trac. Horsepower is at 720 hp, the chassis stiffness was improved and a new larger rear wing was fitted.


Size: 40 MB
Version: 1.0
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