FIA GT 2008 Mod v1.0

FIA GT 2008 Mod for GTR2

FIA GT 2008 Mod created by GTR4u and friends

Mod Source

Mod Infos :

After more than 10 months of working we are glad to publish the “FIA GT 2008 Mod” for GTR² and wish all of you lots of fun by racing the last sportscar-championship. I commend you to a new GTR²-installation for best performance.

Contains :

* all race-cars of the FIA GT 2008 season, inclusive all starters of the 24h of Spa (GT1; GT2; G2; CC)
* Aston Martin DBR9 by EdoG, Philipp and MKR-Racer
* Chevrolet Corvette C6.R by Arnold Wong (CRGC Mod)
* Ferrari F430 by Ibne (ALMS 2007 Mod)
* Porsche 997 RSR by Ibne (ALMS 2007 Mod)
* Real Dashboard by Oversteer and der stier
* Sound components by ThinlaneT, czork and der stier

Features :

* all startgrids individually select- and compatible
* all helmets of each cars nr.1-driver
* all suits of each cars nr.1-driver
* new suits for the pitcrews (orianted at the teamdesign)
* new tire-physics
* new engines for most cars with power data belonging to them under specifics (showroom)
* new power graphics for the new engines under specifics (showroom)
* new real pictures under specifics (showroom)
* new talent-files (AI-opponents)
* new backgrounds for the whole game menu
* new loading screens of the game and the race tracks
* adapted timetables like the real ones
* adapted championship inclusive the 24h of Spa
* 24h race of Spa as seperate 24h event

known bugs :

– Ferrari F430 cockpit : banner ad changes its transparancy

Championship Infos from Wiki :

The 2008 FIA GT Championship season was the twelfth season of the FIA GT Championship. It featured a series for Grand Touring style cars broken into two classes based on power and manufacturer involvement, called GT1 and GT2. Invitational G2 and G3 classes were also allowed to participate but cars in these classes were not eligible to score points. The Championship began on 20 April 2008 and ended on 23 November 2008 after 10 rounds.

Install Instructions and Settings :

Open the downloaded file “FIA GT 2008 Mod V1.0.rar” with WinRar or something similar.
Now you can see the following folders and files (please do it in same order as listed to beware mistakes):

* FIA GT 2008 Mod
> unpack the folders “GameData” and “UIData” in your GTR2 index. Now the basic of the mod is installed.

* Backgrounds NEU
> unpack the folder “UIData” in your GTR2 index. Now you can see new backgrounds at the whole game menu.

* Download-Links Addon-Strecken.txt
> download the listed race tracks and install them into GTR2\GameData\Locations\

* FIA GT 2008 championship
> unpack the folder “GameData” in your GTR2 index. Now you can start a championship of the FIA GT 2008 season.

* Backgrounds BACKUP
> save this folder well! By installing it (“UIData” into your GTR2 index), you get back the original backgrounds in the game menu and the original GTR2 loading screen.

* Streckendaten BACKUP
> save this folder well! By installing it (“GameData” into your GTR2 index), all the race tracks get back their original data.


thanks for support and help :

2002tii, DaBlub, Christian Freyer, Daemon, DerMinister, DoomWarrior, -eRNIe-, Ghanja,
harman, IceT, JorritVD, Kay1975, Loennert, ManuelStaggl, marwol, Melkus, meuricko,
nascarfreak, Nemesis, NikGT2, Norbert, Omega, peugeot206GTI, Piehe, raeder-fan13,
-Raiden-, Rainman, rennoma, schuchi, Simulationsfanatiker, Speedjunky,
T.G.H. Freaky0Frager, TE0815PaVeL, Tomcats Heaven, Tommykaira5500, TSTWest, Vani

special thanks to the workers :

bandito99 (car-painting, talent-files, championship)
Berzerk (car-Painting, helmet-painting)
Drees (car-Painting, driver and pitcrew suits in 3D)
Gamus96 (car-Painting, helmet-painting, suit-painting, 3D-editing, template-editing)
-=HSKc=-Robby (car-Painting)
Konstantin H. (backgrounds for game menu)
L@G³R (car-Painting, helmet-painting, suit-painting, template-editing,
Landi (car-Painting, suit-painting)
Mammut22 (car-Painting)
MKR-Racer (bugfixes and development Aston Martin)
Mömi (helmet-painting, championship, real pictures)
Oversteer (dashboards, template-editing)
Phant Quandt (car-Painting, helmet-painting, suit-painting, championship, classes
disposition, specifics data)
Philipp (3D-editing, template-editing, Mask-editing)
Racemaster91 (physics-editing)
redrider_78 (car-painting)
Sh@dow911 (car-painting, race track-editing)
speedfreak1975 (helmet-painting, 3D-editing, light-editing)
tonicar (car-painting, informations)
ZebS (car-painting)

Project manager :

der stier (car-painting, suit-painting, race track-editing, 24h race, championship, classes disposition, template-editing, sounds, dashboard, loading screens, real pictures, specifics data, buildup)

Terms of Use – Disclaimer :

This modification was a voluminous joint project of the GTR4u-Community (with support from extern) and so it contains products that are working together from many authors. Therefore it is not possible to give a general information what we allow and what we do not. But please read the following two paragraphs :

Changes and/or addons could be released only after an arrangement with me (der stier).

Convertings to other gaming platforms with a public release on your own are forbidden.

Convertings to other gaming platforms are only allowed after a detailed arrangement with me (der stier)and when necessary to do in corporation with us.



Size: 370 MB
Version: 1.0
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