Folembray v1.2

Folembray for GTR2

Circuit de Folembray converted to GTR2 by ZWISS


Original track made for GTL by barcika
Conversion to GTR2 done by ZWISS
GTR2 style LODS by FrankyBB

Track Infos from :

This French Circuit is a smooth tarmac, technical and varied track made up of rapid curves, a hair pin bend and a few long straights with many riders reaching speeds of 120mph.

Tucked away in a forest with a house in the centre, Folembray is not a typical circuit. On first glance at the circuit layout, it looks very ordinary, but it is actually a very exciting drive. The run-off is non-existent with trees very close to the track but don’t let this put you off, it’s a wonderful circuit. It has a great mix of four fast sweepers and 2 great hairpins that entertains the novice and still offers thrills for the experienced.

At 135 miles from Calais it’s probably on the limit for a day trip so we usually stay at the Campanile in St Quentin, about 24 miles North of the circuit, and just off J10 of the A26/E15.

A lap of Folembray starts with an uphill climb, passing the pits on your right hand side. There is a fast left/right sweeper, leading into a tighter but still very fast right/left kink. On the exit of these flowing corners, you are at the highest point of the circuit, with the tree’s dead ahead. Don’t let them put you off though, as once round the hairpin, you have the downhill section to enjoy. The first sweeper is relatively easy and you have a chance to enjoy the scenery. The second kink is slightly trickery. For a start, you are aiming for a house at 100+ mph and its downhill, with high kerbs to thread between. After this is the quickest part of the circuit as it continues downhill. At the bottom of the hill you have 2 right hand turns that bring you back on to the start/finish straight.

New gravel traps and kerbs were installed during the winter of 2008 making the track much safer than previously.


The virtual track:

This track was made from scratch by barcika.
All credits go to him !

The conversion:

I did the plain conversion with 3DSimEd, tuned the materials a bit, added rain reflection, did the necessary changes in AIW, GDB and TRK.

change-log :

Version : 1.2

Update for v1.2 :

– improved AIW by FrankyBB
– fixed start lights



Size: 8 MB
Version: 1.2
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