Castle Combe 2005 v2.0

Castle Combe 2005 for GTR2

Track reworked by Zwiss

RacerM asked me to continue his work on the track, since he is to busy with other things, and he couldn’t find the reason why it crashed all the time.

The real track:

Castle Combe Circuit opened in 1950, on the Castle Combe estate, which had an airfield until 1948. Castle Combe has staged many different motorsport disciplines over the years. A tragic accident in 1997, involving the death of a spectator, forced the owners into installing two new chicanes in order to slow the cars down.

The new layout was slightly longer at 1.85 miles, and was completed over the winter of 1998-1999. In 2005, the circuit was issued with a noise nuisance order, which meant that the circuit had to reduce its noise level. This means that BTCC and GT cars can no longer race on the circuit. There is still a lot of other racing activity.

The virtual track:

Codemasters included this track in Race Driver 3. It was brougth to rFactor, and now it’s coming to GTR2.

2 layouts of Castle combe

Castle Combe 2005 ………………The track how it has been used since 1999
Castle Combe Classic…………….No chicanes

I dropped the other layouts, because they are less important.

What I did:

– fix the CTD’s (error in cube_maps)
– remove the infield tirewalls (are not there IRL)
– make textures less sparkling
– move objects, add objects (ambulance, cars, trees, marchall posts, fence in pits ..)
– cut up some objects for better FPS
– fixed AIW (time trial, rain path, racing groove, fuel use)
– add gridwalk and animated marchalls (thanks to MotorFX)
– remodeled Quarry corner run-off
– new road textures

Still to do:

– improve the infield
– add some trackside objects


– original track: Codemasters
– rFactor version: lasercutter
– AIW: Gringosan
– GTR2 v1.0: racerm, N2LO
– LODS: Taku + FrankBB
– Substantial help: MotorFX
– Simbin for such a great game

Have fun!


Size: 13 MB
Version: 2.0
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