Ford Escort RR Situne v1.4

Ford Escort RR Situne for GTR2

Mod created by HENNEP

Mod Features and Infos :

*New Rear-Wing created by The Stigg*

1. Based on the Ford Escort 2008 model (PhilH959 & Prez)
2. SR3 sounds modified with Realistic Turbo blowoff sounds (not a SHIFT-SOUND replacement !)
3. Custom Handling and Engine settings
4. Custom Skin/wheels made by Prez!

1. FIXED problem for Automatic Gear and Clutch (the car didnt want to drive when going from neutral for 1st or reverse gear)
2. Edited Engine Heating speed
3. Edited Tire Radius (so the tires do not float above the tarmac)
4. Added Talent_GTL.gtr file so the car will be recognized ingame(with the Ford mod)

*Approval from Prez to use the Ford Escort 2008 model for this standalone car*

This car is based on the Ford Escort MK2 from SITUNE, the original car is tuned with a Honda Fireblade bike engine and turbo kit mounted !

The reason I made this standalone car is that this car has a different engine and will not compete with the Ford Escorts from the 2008 mod** Therefor the car will be found in the GT_2003 & GT_2004 classes as a standalone !

Install :

Extract the GameData folder to X:\GTR2 (where X is your harddrive partition)

*NOTE Car is visible in GT_2003 & GT_2004 Classes(so it does not have its own class)

If you find any flaws/errors or anything that need adjustments please PM me!

Thanks goes out to :

Phil959 for helping me out with some settings !
RMI for the engine sounds ! (Radical SR3 sounds)
Prez for making the skin
SITUNE for having a crazy idea to put a bike engine in a Ford Escort !

For info please see : (check the gallery)

Thank you!


Size: 41 MB
Version: 1.4
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