Ford Mustang GT-R v1.0

Ford Mustang GT-R for GTR2

Mod created by RMi / m.wood

Car Infos from :

Mustang Returns to Road-Racing Roots with GT-R Concept. Ford’s Mustang GT-R concept harkens back to the legendary Mustang road racers.

The muscular Ford Mustang GT-R rekindles the legend’s road racing glory and the magic of 5.0-liter Mustangs in a racing concept making its world debut April 7, 2004. The Mustang GT-R signals a potential future race car, while honoring four decades of performance glory just days before Mustang’s 40th anniversary.

“The Mustang GT-R blends today’s breathtaking design, Ford Racing’s unmatched history and the most advanced racing technology into the ultimate Mustang,” says J Mays, Ford group vice president, design. “Mustang’s iconic image grew with every checkered flag so we think the Mustang GT-R is an appropriate tribute to the car’s 40th anniversary, and a hint at what’s to come.”

The bright Valencia Orange car – inspired by the famous Grabber Orange 1970 Mustang Boss 302 Trans-Am race cars (the Yellow Mustangs) piloted by race legends, including Parnelli Jones – is a technological showcase that, when peeled back, reveals a number of existing or production-feasible racing parts.

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Mod Infos :

RMi are up to old tricks with a new release, The Specialty Cars! What is a RMi Specialty Car you ask? These will be cars we have that realy fit no category… not quite supercars.. not your average daily driver either!! From time to time we will release other vehicles under this class, no firm schedule or vehicles will be announced, consider it a bonus mod from RMi.

The Mustang GTR concept car by Ford we are offering comes packed with all the goodies! 535HP@7000 RPM, street and race ready rear ratios, a “GT” style suspension package and a host of other goodies. (see if you can spot the “neat thing”!)

The Mustang GTR can be raced as a class racer via the RMi Specialty Cars series, or selectable via the Official 2003/2004 classes found in GTR2, she should fit right at home with the G2 class.

This car is the result of our 2nd effort at remodeling the TDU Mustang GTR and we deem it worthy to now share with the community. Physics are not RMi TrueSpec(tm) nor do they represent any actual or specific vehicle representation.


Atari – original 3dmodel
Smuckers – extensive 3d-remodeling
SCCA1981 – lights
M.Wood – misc bits

SimBin – GTR2 and other bits
ISI – one bit

You are free to convert this to any platform, simply send a request to email


small improvements / corrections by SiGi for (March 2019) :

– added better textures for internal steering wheel and re-centered position
– added new external steering wheel
– reworked front windows (now more lighter)
– reworked .car file entries / values (driver position, added missing sw entries aso.)
– added exhaust smoke
– small adjustments on .aud file and improved sound postion

this are only some few things wich i noticed when looking through this older mod – the cockpit (mainly textures) could be improved, but im not interesting atm in revising it…

good entertainment


Size: 9 MB
Version: 1.0
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  1. bmw328is

    Nice cars. I’ve never done any kind of skinning or painting. Is there an easy way to add numbers and decals to make them look like racing cars? Thanks.

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