Forest Valley Raceway v1.0

Forest Valley Raceway for GTR2

Track created by YETIsaj

Author Blog (with a lof of track screens)

Track Infos :

This track has been built using solely the 14 day Demo of :
Bobs Track Builder Evo –

This is only a BETA version and is released purely as a test for feedback from other members of the NoGrip forum. Eventually I will buy the full version of BTB and can update the track many of the features that are not available within the demo.

It features :

* Working Pitlane for 60 cars
* Night lighting
* 3 Layouts :

– GT (with hairpin) WIP
– Touring (short) WIP
– GT (no Hairpin) Currently the only working layout

change-log :

Improvements made from Beta v0.3 to v1.0

* Removed old lampposts and replaced with modern ones (they dont work though 🙁 )
* AI grip levels improved (gives them more confidence in the corners)
* Completely reworked Pitlane
* New crash barriers and scenery.

Improvements made from Beta v0.2

* New longer layout with new first section
* Improved AI
* Adjusted Grip Levels
* All new track scenery :

– New Tree Borders to edge of map (some are a bit out of line and will be correct for next release)
– New Trees across the whole model (much better colour/more european/less detail=smaller file size/better fps)
– Grandstands (need lowering and crowds adding)
– New Bridges (created using the wall tool by me)
– Adverts/Banners (need alot more but getting there, had ctd issue with some textures)
– New walls and fences
– Better and more stable FPS (due to new low poly trees and a lower poly ground model)
– Camera adjustments (still not perfect)

Improvements made from Beta v0.1:

– New Textures
– Improved AI (although it still needs work)

Known Issues:

– No Night Lighting on new lamp posts.
– FPS is still high
– AI could still be improved

Things that I want to include in a later version:

I would like to make the tyre walls less solid (you will know what I mean when you hit one!)
Cannot seem to make them softer.

– Better trackside features including Buildings & Crowds.
– Trackside Marshalls
– Rain Reflections
– Improved A.I

I would like to thank:

Everyone who put work into creating Bobs Track Builder, a great program, thanks Piddy.

ZeZeZoom for his advice on the project and for kindly asking for permission to use HPI-Racers textures in a later release.
I would also like to thank Jeff for giving permission.

Ennis Fargis for his Trackside Objects Xpack.

Bob Pritchard for his Trees Xpack.

All the members of the NoGrip forum who download this and provide quality feedback.

NoGrip for being my simracing home within the wide web. I have spent some good times on the forum here. I see this as my chance to give something back.

Any modder/skinner who has inspired me to create this. There are too many of you to list.


Simon. (YETIsaj)


Size: 80 MB
Version: 1.0
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