Bahrain GP v1.0

Bahrain GP for GTR2


It is not allowed to host this track for downloading outside of and This track is dedicated to this community only !

Es ist nicht gestattet diese Strecke außerhalb von und
zum download anzubieten. Diese Strecke ist ausschließlich dieser Gemeinschaft gewidmet !!!

This conversion was ripped from racedriver 3 from codemasters. The complete 3d-model has been reworked. Many meches has been fixed and remapped.


This conversion was made, because there was no Bahrain GP available for GTR2. This was caused by a ‘nice’ guy, who upload a quick and dirty GTL to GTR2 convert without any permission in the name of other peoples.

Because of the shortage of time, you must understand, that this conversion is not perfect, but it seems technical OK.


– Working Start-/PitIn-/Pitoutlight
– Animated marshals
– Full featured GTR2 AIW (40 cars)
– new textures
– rainreflections


– Grabbor for the Cams
– my wife for patience and understanding.
– FrankyBB for the GTR2-LODs
– the community @ pilsbierbude for beta testing
– Codemasters for the 3d-model


– Nightlight should be added
– Track should be remapped
– Shadow objects missing
– More trackobjects should be added


2008-03-30, V0.1:
– first Beta

2008-03-31, V0.2:
– 2nd Beta

2007-04-01, V0.3:
– 3rd Beta

2007-04-04, V0.4:
– 4th Beta

2007-04-04, V1.0:
– initial Release

have fun,


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Version: 1.0
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