Fuji Speedway 2007 v1.3

Fuji Speedway 2007 for GTR2

Credits :

Original Track build from scratch by Dennis Grebe (see included Fuji_readme.txt file)
GTR2 Conversion by Mojo66

Thanks to meck2, N2LO, Simracer, McWolf, Greybrad and everyone at nogrip.

Track Infos from Wikipedia :

Fuji Speedway is a motorsport race track standing in the foothills of Mount Fuji, in Oyama, Suntō District, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It was built in the early 1960s. In the 1980s, Fuji Speedway was used for the FIA World Sportscar Championship and national racing. Originally managed by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Fuji Speedway was acquired by Toyota Motor Corporation in 2000. The circuit hosted the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix in 2007, after an absence of 30 years, replacing the Suzuka Circuit, owned by Honda. After Fuji Speedway hosted the 2008 race, the Japanese Grand Prix returned to Suzuka for the 2009-onward races. The Super GT Fuji 500 km race is held at the racetrack on Golden Week.

Circuit Fuji

Fuji Speedway has one of the longest straights in motorsport tracks, at 1.475 km (0.917 mi) in length. The circuit has FIA Grade 1 license.

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change-log :

Version 1.3 :

– added 5% less grip on painted tarmac, tarmac run-off areas and road verges
– added braking zone washboard effect at turns 1 & 10
– removed AI garage settings file because it was only causing trouble


If you have version 1.2 installed, delete the following files :

\UserData\<profile name>\Settings\F107_Fuji\F107_Fuji.svm

Version 1.2 :

– Fixed incorrect Time Trial starting position (Thanks karliss for reporting)
– Changed Track- and VenueName to avoid conflict with GTI-Heizer’s version (Thanks morning_wood for reporting)
– Added version number to Track- and VenueName to avoid online mismatches
– Added low drag AI garage settings file (\UserData\F107_Fuji.svm) for improved AI laptimes
– Slightly changed AIW wp_path at turns 3 & 10 to prevent short cutting (thanks ZeZeZoom for reporting)

Version 1.1 :

– added VisGroups for low and medium detail settings
– added night lighting (completely fictional)
– fixed Teleport positions
– added emissive lightsources (Adbridges, lamps in lightpoles, garage lights, big TV screens)
– added animated flag marshalls by McWolf
– improved both dry and wet AI racing line by Greybrad
– corrected pit/garage positions by Greybrad

Version 1.0 :

– added more shadows
– added rain reflections
– small bugfixes

File hosting only by permission.


Size: 28 MB
Version: 1.3
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