WSGT Mod v1.0

WSGT Mod for GTR2

World Super GT Mod by RMT for GTR2

Important Note :

People that have the old WSGT xmass release installed are encouraged to remove all files of that release. The old WSGT mod could cause problems for your new WSGT V1 release.

Mod Infos :

Finally, it is released after a year of development…..First, the history of the mod and the team. Many things did change during the last two years of develloping the WSGT Mod. The original WSGT mod was started on the 1st August 2006 as a team SSR project. In September, the original RMT was founded by Andrew (as known as Rictus Grin), and did take over the project.

A Demo of the original WSGT mod was released on 25th December 2006, which was done in very low quality and with tons of bugs. The development of the original mod lasted until ist leader Andrew left to join Team A-A on the 21st February 2007. More and more members left the team untill only Klaas and Arnold where left.

Although Klaas had reformed RMT, and Wix and his team BSR joined the team, the mod development was still frozen for almost 5 months.The 1st of August 2007 Marek aka Revelli and Adison aka AS-GTR joined the team, Work on the mod restarted. All the old productions and data of the original WSGT were scrapped, and this resulted in all new models. The development went very smooth after the restart.The Team spirit had become a positive factor,and finally here we are with the release.

Mod Features :

* 7 new car models with detailed cockpits and textures.
* highly developed physics with suspension geometries modeled with references of photos
* Realistic Engine sounds
* New special effects sounds
* Fully detailed drivers suits
* Fully compatable with GTR2
* Optimized LODs
* New showroom and showroom menu
* and more…

Cars included :

* Aston Martin DBR9
* Aston Martin DBRS9
* Ferrari F50 GT
* Ferrari FXX
* Maserati Trofeo Light
* McLaren F1 GTR Longtail
* Ultima GTR


Klaas van Houten…………………Project Leader,3D Modeler,ingame,Skins
Arnold Carter Wong………………3D Modeler,ingame,Skins,Physics,2D Artist
Marek Varcholak aka Revelli………Leading 3D,2D Artist
Wim Bries aka Wix………………..Leading 2D,Web,Skins,Music
Ben Buitendijk……………………..Physics
Thinlane T…………………………Sounds
Adison Ma aka AS-GTR……………2D Artist, Skins
Steevee / Teo / Dna99……………Skins
Jan Baros aka BariCZ……………..Custom Gloves & Suits

Beta Testing :

BSR-Fonzie – BSR-Oldtimer – BSR-Vamuda – BSR-Pruts – Toby Newton – Jacques Bonet –
Rui Zhang – Nan Zhang – scca1981 – F1RacerSpecial


Belgian Sim Racers


SimBin – GTR2

ISI – rFactor and GMotor tools

And of course all members of the Simracing community who have been supporting
us through the years.

Donation :

We accept donations through Paypal. If you are interested, please donate to our account : email

All the donations accepted will be used on the materials of our future development.

Community Painting Contest Skins :

Jetalliance DBR9 – Michael Chevalier
Intersport Ultima GTR – moatlspeed
Team Denso Sard DBR9 – moatlspeed
Charouz DBR9 – Khildram
Haruka Amami DBR9 – tougeproject-emino2
Bang & Olufsen F50GT – Apollyon
EMKA McLaren F1 GTR – The NewBob
Vision Racing DBRS9 – Mugenbob
Mansory Ferrari FXX – Janne Kirjavainen
Vitaphone/Strakka DBR9 – James Beaty
HSBC DBRS9 – Michael Adenekan
Phoenix DBRS9 – Nick Suffeleers
Manthey DBRS9 – Nick Suffeleers
GoFast Trofeo – Circuit Zolder
Jones Trofeo – Circuit Zolder
DR.NL DBR9 – Bram Knot
Guidici Trofeo – yosteff

Usage Disclaimer :

You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only.

Any commercial or public uses are strictly forbidden without written Permission from the author.

You are free to distribute this software as long as it is kept 100% free of charge and is by no means modified in any way and with this readme file included in it.

RMT takes no responsibility for any damages this program may cause.

Use it at your own risk.

It is forbidden to convert any materials, use it as part of another mod, using part of the physics and/or skins, modifying any materials in the mod, or releasing any patches, without PERMISSION from RMT. A Permission list will be published on the RSC Forum.

If you want to use the mod for League Racing, please inform us. RMT is willing to contribute the sim racing scene and will therefore gladly answer all your serious questions regarding this matter.

Thanks for downloading our mod.

Racers Modding Team (c) 2008


Size: 446 MB
Version: 1.0
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