FVR Surfers Paradise v0.41

FVR Surfers Paradise for GTR2

FVR Surfers Paradise WIP4

Version : 0.41
Author : FlashQld

update 0.4 to 0.41 :

A minor update for our WIP4 version of Surfers Paradise to remove the invisible wall at Turn 11 – the Pirtek wall.

Track Infos from Wiki :

The Surfers Paradise Street Circuit is a temporary street circuit on the Surfers Paradise, in Queensland, Australia. The 2.98-kilometre (1.85 mi) beach-side track has several fast sections and two chicanes, having been shortened from an original 4.47-kilometre (2.78 mi) length in 2010. It is the third of three motor racing circuits that have existed in the Gold Coast region, after the Southport Street Circuit (1954) and Surfers Paradise International Raceway (1966–1987).

From 1991 to 2008, the circuit hosted an American Championship car racing event, the Gold Coast Indy 300. The circuit has also hosted touring car races since 1994, with the Supercars Championship currently contesting the annual Gold Coast 600 at the circuit.

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the virtual version :

FVR_Gold Coast WIP4 – 2009/2010 Version – for GTR2 – Released May 3, 2010

FVRFactor.com is proud to present a further WIP installment of the Nikon Super GP/ Armor All 600. This track is a few weeks of work, mostly from scratch but also using some bits from previous versions we have previously released but has been done in Bob’s Track Builder and 3DStudio.

Thanks to Ferret for updating a vast majority of graphics and dBens1 for his cams, AI and research. Thanks to all that provided feedback on previous version and local knowledge to get this track closer again. Basically this is just a small configuration change to add the 2010 circuit to our 2009 version for rFactor and then converted.

Now if you don’t like the track – DON’T USE IT. Its easy to delete.

Installation Instructions :

extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and drop the
track-folder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations\…directory – done.




Terms of Use :

DO NOT – UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES – REGARDLESS OF WHO YOU ARE – DO NOT change anything about this track without discussing in writing with us at FVRFactor.com. In other words do not include in a track pack unless you are leaving the files totally intact. No changing the opening screen and putting your server name to it and removing our name. We have had a couple of instances where people have decided to change the name and have out of disrespect to our rules of download changed the name and given us absolutely no credit whatsoever. To the point that it looks like someone else has created the track.

This is disrespectful and will only lead to us not doing anything else. If you don’t like an aspect of the track and you feel you must modify it, advise us before you put it in a track pack with your name. Make an addition to the track is fine, make it run under a different scene but keep the original intact so a user doesn’t have 10 different version but not the original. We will gladly show you how. The title screen must still state that it is an FVRFactor.com track with a BLAH BLAH addon. We put a lot of time to bring you these releases and we do it for free, the only thing we get from it is our name out there, we don’t appreciate your name on our work. Jackson’s Gold Coast, should read Jackson’s Addon to FVRFactor Gold Coast . Hopefully that is clear.
This version almost didn’t see the light because of inconsideration as mentioned above.


Size: 35 MB
Version: 0.41
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