Gillet Vertigo 2008 Templates and Modifications v1.1

Gillet Vertigo 2008 Templates and Modifications

modified by Gamus96

Any questions? Please read first.

Please take a look at the example-folder (helpful examples included)!

This Gillet Vertigo template has been modified by me, so that it almost looks like the season 2008 car. You can see the changes in detail on the screenshots. When you compare the template to the original SimBin template you will see, the look of the car has obvious changed. THANKS to Philipp, who moved the exhaust to the side !

Important :


For correct reflections of the new template ingame, and for displaying the moved exhaust correctly, you have to paste all files included in the folder required_files to your new teamfolder which uses the modified template. You can see how the teamfolder should look like in the example-folder.



The included new rims (included in the folder optional_files/wheels) are optional files. If you like to use them, you have to paste all files included in the wheels-folder to your new teamfolder (example-folders may help here).


The included new engine (folder optional_files/engine) is optional as well. It’s the Maserati V8 engine i created with Engine-Calculator for the Belgian Racing 2008 Vertigo.

If you like to use it, please follow these steps :

Step 1 :

Paste the files GILLET_VERTIGO_MODG_CPIT.GTR and Gillet_Vertigo_modg.cas (in folder optional_files/engine) to the GTR2 Gillet Vertigo Teams folder (take a look at the examples). If the files should already be installed, you DON’T have to replace them !

Note (just read when you want to modify the Gillet_Vertigo_modg.cas) :

If you like to modify anything in the Gillet_Vertigo_modg.cas, you have to rename the file! That’s because all other Vertigos using the modg.cas would use the changed file as well. Name it to Gillet_Vertigo_g96g.cas or something else (individual). Don’t forget, in this case you have to edit a line in the .car-file of the team as well !

Step 2 :

These two files have to be renamed :

– xxxxx_G2_Vertigo_tech2
– xxxxx_G2_VertigoGraph

Change the xxxxx to the number of your team (e.g. 08111). Using this files, all tech-specs of the car will be shown up correctly ingame.

Step 3 :

Paste all files from the folder xxxxx_Racing (in folder optional_files/engine/xxxxx_Racing) to your edited teamfolder. The files you renamed in step 2 have to replace the existing files!

Step 4 :

Adjust the following entrys in your teams .car-file (e.g.

default :


change to :


That’s it!

Enjoy painting !



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Version: 1.1
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