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Setup Guide for GTR2

The ultimate Setup-Guide for GTR2 (also for GTR)


hier eine gute Anleitung zum erstellen eines setups in 21 Schritten – mehrsprachige Exel-Datei !
here a good setup guide how to create a good setup in 21 steps – exel file – multilanguage !

Author : LmS (
English Translation : Eden7c

info :

This Setup guide is intended for the GT racing car simulation on PC : GTR2. Its intent is to give a simple and accessible methodology for a pilot with basic knowledge to delve in them. The guide presented in a table form will be covering the different settings that can be adjusted on your car each in turn. The ideal starting point to work from is the game’s default setup.

The first thing you should do is to go get use to it on track without changing anything except the gear ratios to adapt them to the chosen circuit. Next, once you are lapping consistently, we are going to work on each aspect of the setups, STEP by STEP modifying one parameter at a time. This guide is intended for the simulation mode where no aids interfere with the car’s reaction: The feedback from your modification will be at its maximum.

Each modification needs to be followed by a few laps to validate its positive or negative effect on the INDICATORS. These INDICATORS can be given in an explicit manner (tire temperature for example) or in an implicit manner (oversteering tendency for example). To keep it simple the table will list for each INDICATOR an ACTION to take.

Each STEP is divided amongst numerous ELEMENTS to configure, once no more ACTIONS can be taken on a given ELEMENT you will be able to consider that configuration done. Each STEP’s difficulty is given with the color of the arrow in the rightmost column.

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