Goodwood v2.0

Goodwood for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and updates by motorFX

Track Infos from Wiki :

Goodwood Circuit is a historic venue for both two- and four-wheeled motorsport in the United Kingdom. The 3.8 kilometres (2.4 mi) circuit is situated near Chichester, West Sussex, close to the south coast of England, on the estate of Goodwood House, and completely encircles Chichester/Goodwood Airport. This is the racing circuit dating from 1948, not to be confused with the separate hillclimb course located at Goodwood House and first used in 1936.

The racing circuit began life as the perimeter track of RAF Westhampnett airfield, which was constructed during World War II as a relief airfield for RAF Tangmere. The first race meeting took place on 18 September 1948, organised by the Junior Car Club and sanctioned by the Duke of Richmond and Gordon. The winner of the first race was P. de F. C. Pycroft, in his 2,664 c.c. Pycroft-Jaguar, at 66.42 m.p.h. Stirling Moss won the 500cc race (later to become Formula 3), followed by Eric Brandon and “Curly” Dryden, all in Coopers.

Goodwood became famous for its Glover Trophy non-championship Formula One race, Goodwood Nine Hours sports car endurance races run in 1952, 1953 and 1955, and the Tourist Trophy sports car race, run here 1958-1964. The cars that raced in those events can be seen recreating (in shorter form) the endurance races at the Goodwood Revival each year in the Sussex trophy and the Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy (RAC TT).

Virtual Track Infos :

The first version for GTL, was converted by myself and philrob, and improved for the GTR2 engine, the track is based on the excellent track originally made by the GPLEA team, for GPL. and along with a few new objects, added the infields, landing strip, I added the paddock area, after several chats with the 60`s guru, Dave Wright , which the cars now use 🙂

he did lots of new graphics/textures, to keep with the period adverts, as its partly based on the first revival meeting, when i added the animated marshall’s i gave them white overalls as per the revival. Also included, are new rmbl textures by DaveWright L067, and the curbs, have been built so no rumble sound is heard as per real track, there is also a new and very fast AI, released with the full permission of GPLEA…..

I`ve since made some further updates to Goodwood for Version 2.0 , like to add special thanks to Thorsten Rueter, for doing some fantastic cameras for the rfactor version and now he has made some new ones for GTL and GTR2 versions.

change-log :

Version 2.0 :

– created and addded new road textures
– remapped some grass sections
– done some more retexturing of few banners
– added grass appearance to odd banner walls
– made and added grass tufts and bluebells
– made and added some extra shadows
– remade all the marshals huts
– made and added lots of extra static marshals, that blend with animated marshals (note you still need to leave the extra marshal textures loose in the folder)
– redone the odd flowers` textures
– redone the bay areas
– redrawn all the trees
– updated all the grandstands with new crowds
– and a few other tweaks and extras , that I hope you`ll still enjoy racing this great track 🙂

note: added Thorsten Rueter`s latest Cameras, for this later version.

24th March 07


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Version: 2.0
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4 Thoughts to “Goodwood v2.0”

  1. Beco1

    I have now seen that on RD there is a Hillclimb version but it’s for AC. So that is maybe a good idea for modders (dunno if it could be converted).

  2. Beco1

    Hillclimb!? That was my point. AFAIK there is no Hillclimb yet at all!? Well trackbuilder geniuses I think that would be nice to have.

  3. Beco1

    Is this the actual circuit that is being used at the Goodwood festival!? Cos that one looks a bit slow and “backstage” to me from all the vids. Anyone knöws more pls!?

    1. bmw328is

      Yes. It’s the same. They only allow cars to race there from 1967 and earlier. They have more recent cars but only for slow procession laps. This does not include the hillclimb used at the Festival of Speed. This is the circuit used for the Revival and the Members Meeting.

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