Gotland Ring 2008 v2.0

Gotland Ring 2008 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by ZWISS

Credits :

– Original rFActor version : ‘Dan Darne’
– GTR2 LODS: Blackhawk and FrankBB
– startlights by Simbin

Track Infos from Wiki :

Gotland Ring is the first ecological racetrack and driver training venue in the world. The premium racetrack and multi-functional motorsport facility on the Swedish island of Gotland, the most popular tourist resort in Sweden, is located in an eco-municipality. The circuit Рdesigned by the founder and social and environmental entrepreneur Alec Arho Havr̩n Рwas FIA inspected for racing in June 2009. However, corporate edutainment and testing is the main focus even in the future. In its final format Рwith a main circuit profile of 28 km РGotland Ring will become the longest racetrack in the world.

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The sim version :

A rFactor verion was made by “Dan Darne”. He offeres it for free on his website, and he also mentions that anyone is allowed to use it and modify it, as long as it’s not used commercially. And since you guys are NOT sending me any money.. here it is 🙂

Here is Dan’s website :

Thanks to him for creating the track from scratch.

The real track is still being developed. I read that in 2009 some fences were added, to bring it up to FIA standards.

The GTR2 version :

Just a basic conversion, with all the GTR2 goodies and some texture adjustments. I started doing a conversion from the original track. I did some MAX work to improve the curbs, and corrected the AIW and textures… only to find out in the end that Uwe had already done a GTL version. So I borrowed the startlights of his GTL version.

All constructive critisism is welcome.

Whats new in v2.0 ?

Cleaned up all the track meshes and all the curbs, BTB often gives bad results.. has to do with GPS data I guess. Now a small straight actually looks.. straight 🙂

The last hairpin is much better now and the curbs fit nicely to the track. Added some objects and some fences.

Ideas for further track improvments are welcome.


Size: 21 MB
Version: 2.0
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