Group C IMSA GTP 1983-1993 Mod v1.0

Group C IMSA GTP 1983-1993 Mod for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and revised by Merlin75


Models : Virtua_LM, Codemasters, Microsoft Forza4
Model updates and reworks : Merlin, nascarfreak
Physics : Virtua_LM, updates and changes by Merlin
Addon skins : Merlin, nascarfreak
New sounds : Merlin

Thanks to TopMarque for testing and pointing out the bugs.

Group C Infos from Wikipedia :

Group C was a category of motorsport, introduced by the FIA in 1982 for sports car racing, along with Group A for touring cars and Group B for GTs.

It was designed to replace both Group 5 Special Production Cars (closed top touring prototypes like Porsche 935) and Group 6 Two Seater Racing Cars (open-top sportscar prototypes like Porsche 936). Group C was used in the FIA’s World Endurance Championship (1982–1985), World Sports-Prototype Championship (1986–1990), World Sportscar Championship (1991–1992) and in the European Endurance Championship (1983 only). It was also used for other sports car racing series around the globe (All Japan Sports Prototype Championship, Supercup, Interserie). The final year for the class came in 1993. Broadly similar rules were used in the North American IMSA Grand Touring Prototype series (GTP).

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Mod Infos :

Hey folks, here’s my Group C mod based on the F1Challenge mod by Virtua_LM.

The Mazda 787 is from Grid, thought it would look better than the old model. It’s not a simple conversion all cars have been heaviley modified and reworked to get the best possible graphical result for these old models. The Porsche 962 could be a bit heavy on fps in cockpit view because it uses the Forza cockpit meshes.

Update by SiGi for (26.07.2013) :

arranged All-in-One-Install-Package

this package includes :

– Group C GTP Mod
– Group C GTP Mod Part-2
– Group C GTP Mod v1.0 final
– Porsche Pack-1
– Porsche Pack-2
– new gdb-files
– new sounds for Konrad KM011
– Physics update
– Jaguar XJR-14 update
– GTP Addon Cars

Install :

extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory –
allow to overwrite ALL existing folders and files with “YES ALL” – done.

Terms of Use :

– only for private, non-commercial use / entertainment
– use at your own risk

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

have fun 🙂


Size: 517 MB
Version: 1.0
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12 Thoughts to “Group C IMSA GTP 1983-1993 Mod v1.0”

  1. bmw328is

    I have had trouble with some of the cars not handling well and being difficult to drive. I tried using the Dunlop C1 tire from the C-Era mod and it works very well.

  2. ParanoidDoge

    Instant CTD when I select any car ??? How come ??? I installed it as said in the txt file.

    1. ParanoidDoge

      nvm it works but does anyone have a fix for the MXR01 and R90CK ? They drive like ass and are unstable after 200 kmh lol

  3. osho

    Fantastique!… Merci!

  4. corvonix

    I think I’m doing something wrong, the porsches don’t appear, not even the menu of the brand appears.

  5. bmw328is

    If you have the other Group C mod, the Dunlop C1 tire from that mod works on these cars and improves the drivability a lot. Just add the TYR file to any of the cars and edit the HDC file to show the Dunlop C1 as the correct tire.

  6. bmw328is

    I’ve been driving these cars for years and I’ve just figured out that the front ant-roll bar on the 956/962 is way too stiff. Dial it back about 250 lbs. and the car will handle much better.


  7. Nenelsimtek

    I try the mod, the files is empty. Schade.

  8. IgorTanja1987

    Great mod ever but one car is missing 99 Trust / GReddy Porsche 962 Group C

  9. Beco1

    I want to ask if pls someone could fix the “upside down” mirrors in some cars (prob at least with Porsche) that would be grand. Dunno if I could fix that myself in the files cos someone once said “3dSimEd” is needed which I don’t have. Thx!

  10. duhdu1987

    All links show error 403

    1. fixed – the downloads are now working again 😉

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