GTR2 default tracks black terrain fix v1.0

GTR2 default tracks black terrain fix

fix created by unseen

Description :

Some of the default GTR2 tracks have missing or broken normals in the track meshes, leading to certain ATI graphics cards (and some Nvidia) rendering the affected areas as large black patches around the circuits.

These files should eliminate the problem without affecting anything else.

The affected tracks are :

– Donington
– Enna
– Oschersleben
– Spa
– Valencia

Install :

To install, Just copy the included GameData folder to your GTR2 install folder.

Several loose GMT files will be added into your Donington, Enna, Oschersleben, Spa and Valencia folders in your GameData/Locations folder.

To uninstall, just remove the same loose files.

Credits :

Thanks go to NacK for some extra normal tweaking on some of the files.



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Version: 1.0
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