Hillclimb 2009 v0.81

Hillclimb 2009 for GTR2

Track created by userxy aka HSR CJ

Track Infos :

First i want to Thank “Bob” from Bobs Track Builder for his awsome work he has done with his Programm…

This fictional Track was made by my self. For the first time it was only for HSR-Community, but now it is released for the whole Racing Community 🙂

Track-Details :

– 6,5 km long hillclimb track
– heavy ups and downs
– short and blind corners
– long straights

There are some things to do, most important is background image height setting.
There is more to do and i could need a little bit of help, so if someone can help me out please contact me.

Thanks to :

SimBin for GTR2
SimGarage for 3DSIMED

update by SiGi, November 2018 :

– removed unneeded, unpacked files wich caused long extracting and copy time and also enlarged the file significantly.


Size: 17 MB
Version: 0.81
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