Hilltop v3.11

Hilltop for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by derDumeklemmer

Track Infos :

Hilltop is a fictional track originally designed back in 2006 for GPL by Strava. Although it’s fictional only it became a legend in SIM-Racing all over the years and all over the SIMs (from GPL, over rF, GTL, GTR2, Race07 up to current SIMs as Assetto Corsa)!


Strava offered a GTL conversion as well, pls find his V1.0 readme included with this archive. Due to GPL’s limited features (textures and so on) he agreed that I clean up the floor a bit for GTL in 2007, so V2.0 was born (pls. find V2.0 readme as included). Thaanks to Strava for the kind offer!

In 2012 Markus Möller put new blood into this beautiful mesh with his rF build/conversion by adding today’s features like transition objects, baked shadows, edgs shadows, his-res textures and deco object. This was a real boost for Hilltop and a fantastic work.


He basically agreed that I use his mesh for a conversion, but somehow he never released his amazing work to the public. Since this time his efforts were sleeping on my hard disk and I really could not resist to publish it now. I my eyes it would be a shame let this improvements rust on some private developer PCs. Unfortunately I was unable to contact him since 2013, so I hope Markus will be happy with this version as well.

We’re offering the result of all our working hours to all of you free of charge but we ask for one single fee from your side:

Pls. give a little respect to all these working hours all of us spend for free for your entertainment!
This project is a “take it as it is, or leave it”-release, pls. see EULA for more detailed information.


– Strava for scratch build
– Markus for his amazing improvements on this mesh
– patrickramirez for TV-Cams
– CY-33 for trackside cars and armco texture
– BenMK1 for AIW-fix
– my lovely wife for all her patience and understanding.

..and all the guys I’m in contact due to conversion issues.


– working Start-/Pitlights
– full featured GTR2 AIW for 36 cars
– animated marshals & spectators
– multitexture grass mapping (incl. ambient occlusion for faked shadows)


– none


V3.11 – 2016-09-21:
– fixed BUG with visible XObjects if riding with headlights

V3.1 – 2016-04-11:
– Updated GTR2 version by derDumeklemmer
– new trackside cars and armco texture by CY-33

V2.0 – 2007-11-11:
– Updated GTR2 version by derDumeklemmer

V1.0 – 2006/06
– GTR2 conversion by Strava

2006/02 GPL V1.0
– GPL scratch build by Strava

Have fun,


Size: 23 MB
Version: 3.11
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