Honda S2000-R v2.4

Honda S2000-R for GTR2

Honda S2000-R VLN Spec Mod

GTR2 Conversion by merlin75
updates by PBB Team

Car Infos from Wikipedia :

The Honda S2000 is a roadster that was manufactured by Japanese company Honda from 1999 to 2009. First shown as a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995, the production version was launched in April 1999 to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. The S2000 is named for its engine displacement of two liters, carrying on in the tradition of the S500, S600, and S800 roadsters of the 1960s.

Several revisions were made throughout the car’s lifetime, including changes to the engine, gearbox, suspension, interior and exterior. Officially two variants exist: the initial launch model was given the chassis code AP1, though cosmetically similar, the facelifted version (known as the AP2 in North America and Japan) incorporated significant changes to the drivetrain and suspension. Production of the S2000 ceased on August 19th 2009. In Japan, it was exclusively sold.

Mod Infos :

The car class is compatible with the Honda S2000 streetcar from fa22_raptor. It will show up together with his cars if you already have them installed. Otherwise you’ll find them in the NGT_2004 class.

Mod History / change-log (updates by :

Version 2.4 (final) :
– Joerg0815 hat sich nochmal dem S2000 angenommen und jetzt sollte das Car Final sein. Fahrwerk und Reifen sind nochmal überarbeitet und auf der Strecke ist er auch optisch tiefer gelegt. Besonderer Dank geht an dieser Stelle an Merlin75 für den Mod.

Version 2.3 :
Wir haben dem Fahrwerk noch einstellbare und härtere Federn verpasst. Damit sollte es möglich sein, dass Fahrwerk so anzupassen, damit es nicht mehr unkontrolliert aufsetzt.

Version 2.2 :
– Nochmals Änderungen am Fahrverhalten eingearbeitet. Beherrschbarkeit ist verbessert worden.

Version 2.1 :

– Danke an Merlin75, dass er uns erlaubt hat, Änderungen an der Physik einzuarbeiten, damit das Auto in der NGT konkurenzfähig ist.


Simply extract the archive to your main GTR2 folder


The car has no brakeglow cause the real cars also have none.
It’s not a “High Perfomance” car like the FIA-GT ones for example.


Original car / mod created by gonzo-kool for rFactor.
Many thanks to him that he has given permission to convert this wonderful car to GTR2.

Auf zur Rennstrecke

Viel Spass


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Version: 2.4
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