HPD ARX-03 v2.1

HPD ARX-03 for GTR2

Cars for the GRID Prototypes Mod 2006-2012 v2.0

reworked by SiGi


3D : Rildoh
Skins : CS21476895 – Dafizzner – DeV – giaserg – LMR – RichWard – Rosicky10 – Silentgun – COLVIN35
Physics : Alexkiller8
Motec : Scorpyo
Sounds : SCC – Zonta11
Extras : ThePsy – Alless
Dome by Ibne
Lola B08 by JPBS
Acura ARX-01 Sounds by EnduRacers Modding Team

Mod Infos :

Models : HPD ARX-03a/b
Year : 2012
Series : ALMS / LM / WEC
Classes : P1 / P2

This reworked Version of the HPD ARX-03 will replace the previous HPD Arx03 Teams from the GRID Prototypes Mod 2006-2012 v2.0 – the original mod can be found here.

Note :

this reworked car can still be installed and driven as standalone without the GRID Prototypes Mod.

Car Infos from Wikipedia :

The HPD ARX-03a, ARX-03b, and ARX-03c are Le Mans Prototypes race cars developed by Honda Performance Development in 2012. The 03a model utilizes a Honda V8 engine for use in the LMP1 category, while the 03b uses a turbocharged V6 engine for the LMP2 category. Three teams have already announced their use of the ARX-03 in the FIA World Endurance Championship and the American Le Mans Series, as well as at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Muscle Milk Pickett Racing have purchased an 03a for use in the American Le Mans Series, joined by two 03bs for Level 5 Motorsports. In the FIA World Endurance Championship, Strakka Racing and JRM Racing will campaign a single 03a each, joined by a single-car 03b entry by Starworks Motorsport in LMP2.

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change-log – reworked by SiGi :

Version 2.1 (February 2020) :

I mainly reworked the LOD A Styles as the changes are not visible on lower LODs if the cars are further away.

here are my changes :

– reworked many texture settings
– renamed many material names and corrected some wrong named / assigned materials
– cutted, splitted and remerged some wrong body parts and textured them correctly, respectively new
– separated internal and external seats
– assigned correct body masks for all styles (i made this wrong in my first update)
– corrected non-transparent parts arround all rivets and side positions lights
– reworked / re-created powered on taillights and associated textures
– centered / corrected external steering wheel pole position
– reworked internal cockpit (cutted not visible parts, corrected not fully visible lettering and so on…)
– reworked mirrors and corrected glass position
– moved cockpit mirrors more in front for a better view on it
– corrected front wheel positions (height) for showroom
– added better external steering wheel (from Enduracers LMP Mod)
– reworked MoTeC RPM LEDs (arrangment and textures)
– added new, more realistic sounds from Enduracers LMP Mod
– added latest, updated engine files by GT-IMT
– added better shadow texture by GTR233
– reworked many CAS file entries
– improved / reduced “wobbling” discs / wheels
– and a lot more that I don’t remember…

Version 2.0 – February 2017 :

– reworked cockpit .gmt files (material settings and texture assignments)
– corrected .gmt settings for internal mirrors
– added missing external mirrors (inside)
– added new internal steeringwheel (from Enduracers LMP Mod)
– moved pedals backwards into cockpit so that these are visible
– corrected gmt / texture assignment for right exhaust (inside, only updated for Lod A)
– improved wheel positions (reduced “wobbling” between wheels and disks)
– reworked rpm leds on motec
– reworked backfire
– added new collision and shadow file
– reworked .car file entries
– reworked CAS file
– added new damage file
– reworked helmet file and created individual Talent file (.gtr)
– added default tread textures for tires (different textures, depending on weather conditions)
– adjusted .aud (sound) file
– updated engine emission and sound position
– and some more i can’t remember…

Recommended Addons for this mod :

4GB Patch for GTR2
Alternative Effect Sounds
HD Gloves & Driver Suits by BariCZ

Deinstall / Install Instructions :

i recommend always to DELETE FIRST any previous versions of this car / mod to prevent crashes / mismatches !

for that, navigate into your “GTR2GameDataTeamsGRID…” directory and delete the complete folder “HPD Arx03 Teams” – done.

to install, extract with WinRAR or else and drop the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory – allow to overwrite existing one with “YES ALL” – done.

No original GTR2 files will be overwritten.

Sounds :

this car use the same sounds like the Acura HPD ARX-01.
i haven’t added this sounds into this package to save webspace.

if you haven’t installed this car / sounds yet you can get it here

Terms of Use :

– only for private, non-commercial use / entertainment
– use at your own risk

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

good entertainment



Size: 26,9 MB
Version: 2.1
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2 Thoughts to “HPD ARX-03 v2.1”

  1. GRT_Matt

    would editing the car file for the skins from the old mod make them work on this one? I have the 2014/2015 Extreme Speed and 2013 Muscle Milk skins and I was wondering if changing all the settings in their Car Files would make them work on this mod.

    1. hello Matt,

      for sure you can add new or older team skins, but you always have to make sure that you assign unique slot numbers for those textures (body1, body2, cpit01, cpit02 and so on), i.e. a number that does not yet exist in the same vehicle’s team directory. Paste your textures into the appropriate team directory or create a new team folder. It is important that you also create a new .car file with the same slot number – the easiest way is to copy a CAR file from another team. Open the car file and enter the same number that you gave to the new textures in the “Number=” line.

      You can then customize chassis parts such as wings, lights, wheels, etc. using the genstring (see also the genstring help file in the vehicle folder).

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