Hyundai Genesis Coupe GT300 2011 v1.25

Hyundai Genesis Coupe GT300 2011 for GTR2

2011 Forza Motorsport 3 Hyundai Genesis Coupe GT300 by izukon for GTR2
Turn10 x Bridgestone
Autobacs Super GT 2011 Series

The car can be single driven (installed as standalone) or as addon for the Japan SGT300 Mod

change-log :

updates by SiGi for (02.01.2015) :

– added required files to run the car without SGT Mod
– improved cockpit windows (now more transparent) *
– fixed external sound (.aud)

* this was a fast fix on the fly as i didn’t found the reason for the dark cpit windows. It’s not the final solution, but works 🙂

if you want to set it back to default simple delete the files “hyundai_genesis_gt300_cpit_body.gmt” and “” in the Carfolder.


– Each GMT Models are now set with -1.2 bias value for their T1 Diffuse and Specular Mapping. For better projection especially with older video cards.
– Front Splitter Wing removed to make it look more like a Super GT car.
– Some files are enhanced for better projection.
– Tempaltes now included.


– Cockpit bumps to be implemented.
– New set of wheels with different brands to be implemented.
– Correction to some mappings of models like the windows to be implemented.
– A better BODY template to be implemented.

See previous readme files for logs of changes inside previous enhancement of versions archives (if any).


Extract “GameData” folder to your GTR2 Main Directory.


It is recommended that you remove the previous version first (if any) before installing the latest version. This is not a patch.


This will not overwrite aleksss’ original conversion. This is a complete standalone mod.

Special Thanks to:

– mitch88
– zumlee
– Turn10
– Microsoft
– Hyundai


Size: 22 MB
Version: 1.25
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