Jaguar MKII 4.2 v1.0

Jaguar MKII 4.2 for GTR2

Mod created by sunalp2

Add-on car for the GTL-GTR2 Mod by scca1981

Mod Infos :

I’ve always liked the MKII Jag, I even owned one once.

As soon as I bought GTL and earned enough credits to buy one, I jumped in it expecting to win races. It didn’t happen. The MKII was never sold from the factory with a 4.2 litre engine, but it is definitely an easy transplant. The car is now much more competitive in its class and as a result more fun to drive. Included are 6 cars: 5 are fantasy and #32 is an Australian Historic racer.

Features :

– Sounds by DucFreak
– Interior texture upgrade by DucFreak
– 6 wheel sets: Chrome Wires, Black and Grey Painted Wires & Minilites and two sets of Steel Wheels courtesy of thebrace.
– Racing mirrors by se7en
– New woodrim steering wheel by me
– Removed wipers by me
– 5 speed gearbox
– 7000 rpm rev limit
– 265 bhp & 5750 rpm

Thanks to the Legends Mod Brothers for permission to use their files.

Physics updates are minimal :

– Detuned E Type engine, and fitted E Type tyres
– Body weight increased but Center of Gravity lowered
– Ride height lowered slightly

Car Infos from Wiki :

The Jaguar Mark 2 is a medium-sized saloon car built from late 1959 to 1967 by Jaguar in Coventry, England. The outmoded Jaguar 2.4 Litre and 3.4 Litre models made between 1955 and 1959 are identified as Mark 1 Jaguars.

The Mark 2 was a fast and capable saloon in line with Sir William Lyons‘ 1950s advertising slogan: Grace . . . Space . . . Pace.

Production of the 3.8 ended in the (northern) autumn of 1967. At the same time the smaller Mark 2 cars were replaced by run-out versions named 240 and 340 sold at reduced prices. The 340 was built until the new XJ6 was available in September 1968. The 240 remained available until April 1969.

Install :

To use this you will need the GTL-GTR2 Mod by scca1981

Extract to your main GTR2 folder

I hope you enjoy this car.



Size: 26 MB
Version: 1.0
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