Mosport Park 1977 v4.0

Mosport Park 1977 for GTR2

Credits :

Original Track created by Osprey_HD for SCGT
rFactor Conversion by an unknown person
GTR2 Conversion & updates by Neel Jani

Track Infos :

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (formerly Mosport Park and Mosport International Raceway) is a multi-track motorsport venue located north of Bowmanville, in Ontario, Canada. The facility features a 2.459-mile (3.957 km), (length reduced through wider track re-surfacing done in 2003) 10-turn road course; a 2.9 km advance driver and race driver training facility with a quarter-mile skid pad (Driver Development Centre) and a 1.5 km kart track (Mosport Kartways). The name “Mosport” is a contraction of Motor Sport, came from the enterprise formed to build the track; it is pronounced as the two words actually sound, “Mo-Sport” (but is often incorrectly pronounced “Moss-Port”).

The CanAm first visited the track in its inaugural season in 1966, and Mosport hosted at least one event in every year of the series’ history, except 1968. In 1967, Canada’s centennial year, Mosport hosted Formula One, USAC, and a 500cc Motorcycle Grand Prix. F1’s Grand Prix of Canada remained at the track until 1977, until it was moved to Montreal. Mosport has hosted a wide variety of series throughout its history. The circuit has held Formula One, USAC, World Sportscar Championship, Can-Am, Formula 5000, and many other sports car, open-wheel, and motorcycle series.

former major events :

FIA Formula One Canadian Grand Prix (1961–1967, 1969, 1971–1974, 1976–1977)
FIM Road Racing World Championship Canadian motorcycle Grand Prix (1967)
Can-Am (1966–1967, 1969–1974, 1977–1986)
USAC Indy Car Telegraph Trophy 200 / Molson Diamond Indy (1967–1968, 1977–1978)

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The improvements in this new version are the following :

* optimized textures for better fps
* reworked and corrected GMT files
* full Multitexturing
* added public sounds
* fixed rain reflections
* fixed fire entry and exit of the stands
* created flag marshalls for this new version

maximum numbers of cars (grid) : 37

This track is tested with DirectX 7, 8 and 9, no problem where found.

Special Thanks to :

Osprey_HD for the original track
SimBin for GTR2
Dave Noonan for 3DSimED
Adobe for Photoshop 9
[SSR] HPI-rcr for Cam
No25 for the reworked AIW (37 Cars)

Contact :

Good entertainment,
Neel Jani



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Version: 4.0
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