Johor GP 2010 v1.0

Johor GP 2010 for GTR2

Johor GP 2010 – Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

Credits :

Original Track created by F1-C By zero-g & IDT for F1C
GTR2 conversion, modifications and improvments by Neel Jani & Boblebric

I thank zero-g & IDT for the permission to convert their track to the SimBin and rFactor platform.

Track Infos from Wiki :

Johor Circuit is the motorsport race track in Johor, Malaysia. It was the first motosport track in Malaysia located in Pasir Gudang.

The construction of the circuit began in 1985 and was officially opened on 1986 by Sultan Iskandar. In 1998, it underwent another development. In 2015, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail announced that the circuit would be redeveloped. In 2016, the new design plan was presented with a cost of US$800 million.

The circuit hosted a round of the Malaysian motorcycle Grand Prix back in 1998, as well as two races of the Superbike World Championship in 1992 and 1993.

Virtual Track Infos :

This new version is based on my old version of Johor-GP for GTR2. All modifications are made from videos and photos from 2010. Many details was reworked like missing details on buildings and so on…

I particularly thank my friend Boblebric, who excellent carried out the 3D of the large tower as well as the building industry on the left part of  track. Boblebric also carried out textures of two panels put on the circuit, in tribute to our friend Pontiac former organizer of the races for GTR2 on RacingFr, and which us ace left for a better world at the end of 2010 following a serious disease.

Thanks :

Thank you Luigi who made the new cameras for each platform.
Thank you to the beta testers Boblebric, Trefle, Thierry81 & YTANGUY.

also thanks to :

Simbin for GTR2
Zero-g & Original IDT Track F1-C
Google SketchUp
Greybrad for the AIW 62 Bus max

Terms of Use

This track may not be modified or hosted without my express permission !
that is forbidden and also valid for all Sim Racing Leagues !

Contact :

Good entertainment,
Neel Jani


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Version: 1.0
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