Jyllands-Ringen 1966 v1.0

Jyllands-Ringen 1966 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by Zwiss

The Real Track :

FDM Jyllands-Ringen is a motor racing circuit in Resenbro, near Silkeborg in Denmark. The circuit was extended from 1.475 kilometers to 2.3 kilometers in 2003, by linking the track to an adjacent oval circuit. Jyllands-Ringen hosts regular rounds of the Danish Touringcar Championship.

This was the home of the so-called Danish Grand Prix in 1968, 1969 and 1970 the races were for Sports Prototypes and Sports GT cars. The 1968 and 1969 Danish Grand Prix were both won by Barrie Smith in a Chevron B8 Ford. A Ford twin cam engine car in 1968 and a Cosworth FVA engine car in 1969.

The virtual track :

This track was made for GPL by Sergio Loro. He converted it to rFactor himself, for the CSGT Holiday Preview Mod for rFactor.

He gave me permission to bring this track to GTR2. I added all the GTR2 goodies and changed many things.. adding many trees, changing textures and adding multi mapping to the grass. I hope you like it. There is still some room for improvement, but I only found one picture of that era, AFTER I had finished the track. Apparently, there were not so many trees around the track at the very beginning 🙂

Just watch the picture Jyllands.jpg to see how many people went to such a modest venue in those days. Amazing. If anyone has more pictures of the track in those days, I might do an upgrade later on.

Enjoy !

Known Issues:

– Time trial should be fixed
– some textures need improvement
– more realism if pictures or footage shows up 🙂


– original track for GPL and rFactor by Sergioloro
– GTR2 LODS by FranBB and Blackhawk
– all those guys who gave me advice


Size: 12 MB
Version: 1.0
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