Jops Siffert GP 2009 v1.0

Jops Siffert GP 2009 for GTR2

Jops Siffert – Grand Prix de La Neuveville, Swiss

Credits :

Original track created for GPL by Manu68 and Jackseller
rFactor conversion by Manu68 and Neel Jani
GTR2 conversion and 2009 updates by Neel Jani

I thank Manu68 and Jakseller for permission to convert this track to GTR2

I also thank the Team of Old Drivers Spirit for online / multiplayer tests.
Thanks to others beta tester, PhilH959, Boblebric, Thierry81 and Hugues.

Track Infos :

This new, reworked track version is based on the first released GTR2 and rFactor version. This version does not replace the first Jops Siffert version (2008). I will not detail all that at summer made in order to pass this circuit in modern version, but those of you who have to roll the old version will give an account of completed work well.

Thanks to:

Boblebric who made the video files for the TV screens
Thierry81 for editing the AIW file to a maximum of 36 cars
Luigi for the cameras
The Sky for the 3D fire models and the entry and exit of the stands

The animated Flags represents 14 countries wich i have created – I authorize any person to use them for their circuits, i just ask for a small mention in your credits.

I have made some tests on different PC Systems with different hard and software configurations with a maximum of cars and also with different graphic details and all seems to run fine. for those who have bad FPS we can find a solution, just contact me.

also thanks to :

SimBin for GTR2
Manu68 & Jackseller origin LPG
SimGarage 3DSIMED
Luigi Cameras
Thierry81 AIW 36 Cars

Contact :

Neel Jani


Size: 77 MB
Version: 1.0
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