Lake Superior Raceway v1.0

Lake Superior Raceway for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updats by BenMK1

I have converted Lake Superior Raceway, created by Casey Shaw for rFactor


thanks Casey Shaw for this great track and for permission to convert it.
also thanks to BillBro for rainreflection infos.

Track Infos (from rFactor) :

A fictional track set on the coast of Lake Superior, Michigan (upper Peninsula). This is my first attempt at track building so it is probably not the most efficient running track out there.

There are 4 different versions :

– Long
– Short
– 24 hour (it’s the same as long with more scenery objects, and more lightning around the track)
– Foggy (same as long layout, but with fog)

FOG: Morning is most. Day is slightly less. Evening is least and night something more.
Best is Dayfog (8:00 – 16:00 a clock). In the other is a small discrepancy in mirror.

updates :

– Fix the AI Dry and Wet Line, and others in the AIW
– TimeTrial working in all Layouts
– full mirror details

new :

– Integrated a rotating light in the lighttower

When you have fps problems use the alternate trk file.
In this the mirror details are medium and the ShadowObject is Static.


LakeSuperior….trk -> LakeSuperior….trk_full
LakeSuperior….trk_medium -> LakeSuperior….trk

Do this will all trk file (Foggy is only medium trk file).

Have Fun



Size: 179 MB
Version: 1.0
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