Lamborghini Countach v1.1

Lamborghini Countach for GTR2

Original Mod created by Seth Alpine
reworked by BenMK1

Mod Infos :

Thanks to Seth Alpine for his fantastic work.
I have completed these Mod, so far that we all can drive the Countach in GTR2.

included Models :

LP400 (1974-1978)
LP500S (1982-1985)

Car Infos from Wiki :

The Lamborghini Countach is a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, V12 sports car produced by Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini from 1974 to 1990. It is one of the then-exotic designs conceptualized by Italian Design house Bertone, which pioneered and popularized the sharply angled “Italian Wedge” design language.

This design language was originally embodied and introduced to the public in 1970 as the Lancia Stratos Zero concept car. The first showing of the Countach prototype was at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show, as the Lamborghini LP500 concept car. The DNA of the original Countach can be found within the design language of sports cars throughout the 1970s and into the ’80s. The Countach also popularized the “cab forward” design concept, which pushes the passenger compartment forward to accommodate a larger rear-mounted engine.

In 2004, American car magazine Sports Car International named the car number three on the list of Top Sports Cars of the 1970s, and listed it number ten on their list of Top Sports Cars of the 1980s.

update v1.1 :

* fixed engine

Installation Instructions :

extract the .rar file with WinRAR or similar unpacker and copy-paste the GameData folder to
your GTR2 main directory – allow to overwrite all existing folders / files with “YES ALL” – done.

No original GTR2 files will be overwritten.

Choose the cars under class: Alpine, Italian, Street Cars and additionally the LP400 under GTC-TC-76.

Optional :

Soundfile with better Tires squeal:

If you have the car “Ferrari 250 SWB” (P&G), than you can copy 2 Soundfile :


in your “…\GTR2\GameData\Sounds\GTL-GTR2\MISC\Tires\” folder

To activate the Soundfile, rename the files to :

Countach.aud -> Countach.aud_ORI
Countach.aud_TiresSqueak -> Countach.aud


1 Driver [ 1-2 ] 1=Male Driver, 2=Female Driver
2+3 Hands [01-10] 1-10 Color
4 Rear Wing [ 0-1 ] 0=OFF, 1=ON (only LP500S)

classes=”FULL, Countach_LP400, ITALIAN, ALPINE, StreetCar, GTC-TC-76″
classes=”FULL, Countach_LP500S, ITALIAN, ALPINE, StreetCar”

other cars in the Street Cars Menu can be found on :


Thanks for permission from

Seth Alpine (Countach)
Stecki (Male/Female Driver)
Scca1981 (Seats)

have fun


Size: 10 MB
Version: 1.1
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