Le Mancorchamps v1.6

Le Mancorchamps for GTR2

Track created by ChrisKoh-Circuits

Track-Infos :

This is a fictional, 6.726 km long racing circuit.

After the Spaburgring, here’s my second track for GT-cars :

Le Mancorchamps is a temporary racing-circuit that combinates a motorway and a hilly country road.
It has similarities to Le Mans and Spa-Francorchamps, therefore the name.

On the inside of all curves are walls to prevent shortcutting.
On the outside of curves are snow or tire walls to prevent a time gain by sliding along a wall.

Changelog :

V1.0 > V1.6

– several graphical improvements (thanks to BenMK1 for the animated windturbine and DMZ for the skidsnow.dds)
– race-groove by BenMK1
– TV-cameras for replay-mode


Extract the “GameData”-folder into your GTR2-folder.

Disclaimer :

Spaburgring is Freeware. You are allowed to use and distribute it for non-profit purposes, provided that this “readme”-file is included. The track was built by me from scratch. The textures and objects are partly from various XPacks and partly made by myself. I encourage you to generate conversions to other simulations and improvements, but I would appreciate to be contacted beforehand to avoid that I or others do the same work.

e-mail: CKCircuits@aol.com
facebook-page: www.fb.me/CKCircuits


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Version: 1.6
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