Linköpings Motorstadion v1.0

Linköpings Motorstadion for GTR2

GTR2 conversion of the Linkoping GTL Track by derDumeklemmer

– GTR2 Conversion, editing and revised by gobi
– LOD and trackicons by FrankyBB

Track Infos from Wiki (translated from swedish to english with google translator) :

Linköping Motorstadion, also called Sviestad, is a traffic training site and motor sports facility located outside Linköping, Sweden the plant is owned and operated by Linköping Motor Company. At the facility there are courses for track racing / road racing, motocross, speedway, enduro, trial, rally, rally crossing and karting as well as radio controlled car sports.

The course was established in 1965-66 as a rehearsal place for the right-hand traffic changeover in 1967, hence the somewhat strange “roundabout system” between the current parking decks and the north side of the track, during the driving exercise period the track was driven in the right-hand traffic and the long-run and the paddlers were gravel road. Once the right-hand traffic was introduced, the gravel areas were paved and the driving direction changed to the right turn and as of a happy accident, it became a really nice race track. The track was only used for motorcycles until 1998.

Virtual Track Features :

– Full featured GTR2 AIW (32 cars)
– Animated Marshals
– Working Start-/PitIn-/Pitoutlight
– Rainreflections
– Supports dx8, dx9


– 1st delete other/older versions
– 2nd if you deleted an other/older version, delete Linkoping.hat file
– 3rd Extract the zip to your GTR2 folder

Known issues:

– Restricted dx7 support

Special Thanks to:

FrankyBB for the LOD and track icons
derDumeklemmer for the GTL version


Size: 11 MB
Version: 1.0
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