Loch Rannoch v1.1

Loch Rannoch for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion and revised by GTI-HEIZER

Credits :

3D-Modell : Codemasters, GTI-Heizer
Textures : Simbin, Codemasters
GTR2-Files : GTI-Heizer

Track Infos :

release date : 07. Apr. 2007

fictional country / street circuit, originally created by Codemasters for Toca Race Driver 2.

includes 4 different layouts :

– medium (4.308 meters)
– medium reverse
– short (4.004 meters)
– short reverse

change-log :

Version 1.0 :
– initial release

Version 1.1 :
– added 3 more layouts and removed arcade walls

Improvements :

– better trackcam for ‘short reverse’ layout by clevy911
– some updates in AIW by derdumeklemmer
– some paintjobs for lod’s by der dumeklemmer


Terms of Use :

All things I have created stand under the rights of GPL (GNU Public Licence)

READ GPL.TXT carefully. No using without agreement to the terms of GPL.

Feel free to modify and release it everywere u want.
No further permissions required.
But remeber, everyting based on this mod will be also open source.

Original readme’s and gpl.txt must be included.


Copy to gamedata/locations folder

Contact me at www.nogripracing.com or www.gtr4u.de forum.
Please contact me first if something is wrong and do not write lies over me in forums.

now have fun 🙂




Size: 18 MB
Version: 1.1
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