London Street v0.9

London Street for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & updates by RacerM

Credits :

This track was originally converted by TREBIE to rFactor, he did a great job !
He then gave me permission to covert it to GTR2.

The LODs and track icons were done by Die_Locke and FrankyBB.

Track Infos :

Track Name = London Street Circuit
Track Location = London, England, United Kingdom
Track Length = 4.0 miles / 6.436 km

updates :

– I corrected the lighting
– I corrected the shadows and shadow receivers
– I also removed many of the unnecessary objects from the track

This track is an advanced Beta, what is going to happen next is:

1. I will add real adverts around the track
2. I will add spectators
3. I will add crowd and announcer sounds

Terms of Use :

Please do not try and release this track on other sites as our own. I have added markers to id this track as one I have worked on. Instead just ask me and more than likely I will say yes ok. Please leave the readme intack.

Thank you please enjoy.


update by SiGi for (December 2018) :

– zipped all .gmt and .dds files to .gtr



Size: 56 MB
Version: 0.9
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