Meadowdale IR 1968 v1.31

Meadowdale IR 1968 for GTR2

Meadowdale International Raceway 1968 for GTL/GTR2

Credits :

NASCAR2003 track by Dave Thayer
rFactor update by philrob
GTL/GTR2 conversion by Rainmaker
cam and aiw update by jmadria
further enhancement especially for GTL version by derDumeklemmer

Track Infos from Wiki :

Meadowdale International Raceway was a race track located in Carpentersville, Illinois. It was used for motor racing from 1958 to 1968.

Meadowdale Raceway was built in 1958 north of Carpentersville, Illinois, to attract development to the suburbs of Chicago. It is located at the intersection of Illinois Route 31 and Huntley Road. At the time the track was built, Carpentersville was a very small industrial town on the Fox River that was just beginning to see the effects of the post-war housing boom in the United States. One developer, who was erecting a housing subdivision along the river, decided to install a road race track across the highway from the subdivision as an attraction.

As originally opened, the track was 3.27 miles (5.26 km) long, with a steep 180 degree curve, known as the Monza Wall, leading onto the 3/4 mile front straight. The Chicago Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) conducted the track’s inaugural event on September 13 and September 14, 1958, a regional race. However, SCCA indicates that the inaugural race was something less than a complete success:

Seeding of the grounds was unsatisfactory or had not been done, and dust enveloped everything and everyone. Earth embankments lined much of the course and several turns did not offer escape roads. The weekend was marred by a fatal accident during Race Three.

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Virtual Track Infos :

– all textures have been replaced with higher resolution examples
– Period and correct logos
– black and white marshal uniforms
– most trackside models have been removed and replaced
– including pits, tower, marshals towers
– all trees removed and replaced
– multi texturing throughout
– new aiw for upto 30 cars
– great new cam by Pycat


Update notes :

Version 1.31 :
– changed AIDryGrip for easier races against the AI
– package all updates to only one file

Version 1.3 :
-60 cars grid for GTR2 version

Version 1.2 :
-new GTL loading screen
-cars now can pit

Version 1.1 :

AIW fixes

– realigned garage spots for larger grid – up to 60 (i.e. Max Vehicles = 60 in the .gdb)
– no more cars parked in the middle of the track
– moved pits out from garage area
– realigned back portion of start grid to accommodate 60 cars
– known issue from original file – cars do not pit

New cam file

as always if you do not like the wide-angle static cam on the backside of the circuit, just reactivate the Tracking Cam 008 by removing the three sets of // at





Size: 58 MB
Version: 1.31
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