Mini Cooper S 1310 Mod v2.1

Mini Cooper S 1310 Mod for GTR2

1310 Mini Cooper S Add-on for the GTL-GTR2 Mod

Mod created by sunalp2
released : 29 March ’09

Mod Infos :

Mod includes 6 Teams

Engine: 1310cc Cooper S
99kw (135HP) @ 7700 rpm
Top speed: 230 KPH (136MPH)
Maximum rpm: 8400
Body: Weight 620 KG (1364lb) Adjusted weight distribution
Suspension: Lowered, Front and Rear Anti roll bars
Gearbox: Better ratios
140MPH Speedo


Bodies and Wheels: Sharpo
Technical advice: Pizzaman
Physics, Skins and concept: sunalp2

I would like to thank Aristotelis of the GTL Workshop for the use of P&G files which allowed me to make this mod initially for GTL and now for GTL-GTR2 mod. Thanks to DucFreak for permission to use his sounds. Thanks to se7en for the racing mirrors.

Does not overwrite any original files

Also included : how to put your favourite add-on Mini into the 1310 Mini Cooper Mod

Version 2.0 :
– LHD enabled

Version 2.1 :
– Correct showroom floor.


This car requires a basic installation of the GTL-GTR2 Mod !

Extract to your main GTR2 folder and say YES TO ALL when prompted to overwrite.

Also included is a guide to putting your favourite add-on car into the 1310 Mini Cooper S Mod.

Note for skinners :

I have included a genstring.txt.
This mod utilises the same mask system in each car folder as introduced in the P&G mod.
I have included a generic GTL.MASK file for each chassis which is in the main 1310 Mini Cooper S folder.
If you want to use them, just match it to the chassis number in your genstring.

Any car specific masks and GMT’s can be added to the MASK.GTL and also any add on wheels can be packed inside.


Size: 36 MB
Version: 2.1
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