Mission Raceway Park v1.1

Mission Raceway Park for GTR2

Credits :

Original Track created by Relesys for rFactor
GTR2 conversion, modifications and graphic improvements by Neel Jani

Thanks to Relesys who kindly gave me permission to convert his rFactor version to SimBin, GSC series 2013 & 2013 FTruck platforms.

Track Infos from Wiki :

Mission Raceway Park, also known as MRP, is an auto racing facility located in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. The facility features a ¼ mile NHRA-sanctioned dragstrip, a 2 km (1.2 mi) 9-turn road course, and a 3 km (2 mi) motocross track. It is owned and operated by the B.C. Custom Car Association, and the BCCCA operates the drag strip directly. The road course and motocross tracks are operated independently by the Sports Car Club of British Columbia (SCCBC) and the Lower Mainland Motocross Club (LMMC) respectively.

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Conversion & Improvements :

– added some trees
– reworked 3D objects (bias) and corrected material names
– reworked some textures
– reworked some building objects
– added night lightning
– added rain reflections
– added animated flagmarshalls
– added other objects

Maximum number of cars : 30

For these changes i used several videos and photos from 2013 & 2014, found on YouTube, several forums and on the official circuit website.

To update the circuit and part of the new objects (3D) One or more textures were created with images of CGTEXTURES.COM. These images can not be redistributed by default, please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information.

Thanks to :

– Ladose and Boblebric for testing.
– TheSky who revised the AIW for SimBin versions.

also thanks to :

SimBin for GTR2
Photoshop CS5
SimGarage 3DSimED

Contact :


Good entertainment,
Neel Jani


Size: 108 MB
Version: 1.1
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