Moatl’s Speed Challenge v1.0

Moatl’s Speed Challenge for GTR2

Mod created by moatlspeed & LOWNDES888
(Release : 27.03.2007)

Ok, folks, finally we got the mod finished ! I wish you a lot of fun with it, your starting grid will be very colorful for sure.

This Mod includes:

– 44 new teams, all created by moatlspeed

Install Instructions :

Copy the GameData folder into your GTR2 main-directory and let all overwrite.

Ingame choose MOATLS SPEED CHALLENGE with the arrows in the car classes selection menu.


Delete Files
in directory “\GameData\”

All future GTR2-Standalone cars from me will be added automatically to the challenge after installation.

Special Thanks :

– Dorfmeister for the first, but not finished effort for the challenge
– Lowndes888 the classes creation and the altered carfiles.
– Simbin for a simulation that really deserves the slogan “get real”
– The forums at RSC, GTR4U.DE and Nogrip for letting me post my cars there
– and for the webspace for my cars and the mod
– Archeoskins for the Render scenes

In addition i want to thank all people that support me in the forums and keep my posting threads alive.

Terms of Use – Disclaimer :

This extension for GTR2 was not provided by commercial motives and may not not be sold or be made to money in any other way.
There were no business relations with teams or their sponsors.
This modification may not be used by third parties for commercial purposes.
The Moatl´s Speed Challenge may be offered for Download on other sites after asking me for permission. Installation and use of the Mod at own risk.
The creator cannot be made liable for possibly arising damage.

Have fun and drive carefully 😉



Size: 59 MB
Version: 1.0
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