Modified Specialfx.tec File v1.0

Modified Specialfx.tec File for GTR2

created / modified by Mr. Spark Plug

Version : 1.0
RL-Date : 10/01/2023

Description :

This is the modified specialfx.tec file that removes vehicle shaking, makes off-road terrain easy to drive on, and eliminates sparks.

This is my first time posting an addon. So, if I get something wrong please forgive me.

I’ve checked and so far I can’t see anyone else who has come up with this mod yet. I’ve noticed these issues with GTR2; maybe you have too: When racing on a track, the car tends to shake, bounce around, and rock up and down as it drives even though the road is perfectly smooth. AI cars, however, drive softly and with ease. Moreover, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of skidding off the track and getting your vehicle beached in the grass or sand, it is very difficult and takes a long time for you to shooooooooove your car back onto the asphalt.

AI cars, when spun out, drive back onto the pavement almost effortlessly. Also, for me personally, I don’t like seeing sparks flying from my car every single time I make a turn. To me, it doesn’t look graceful and makes me look like a sloppy driver, especially when all the AI cars don’t spew sparks like my car does.

So, I finally discovered the solution. I modified the original specialfx.tec file found in the GTR2/Gamedata/Locations folder, removing vehicle shaking, making off-road terrain easy to drive on, and eliminating sparks. I found it to make my racing experience a lot better. Maybe you will too. Just follow the instructions in the readme file for proper installation of the modified specialfx.tec file.

Please do not copy this mod or post it on other sites.


Mod by Mr. Spark Plug


Copy the specialfx.tec file to your “GTR2-Gamedata-Locations” directory.


Check to make sure that another specialfx.tec is not your Gamedata folder.

If there is another, delete it or replace it with the modified version. And that’s it.

Size: 7,57 KB
Version: 1.0
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