Motorland Aragon GP 2011 v2.01

Motorland Aragon GP 2011 for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion & modifications made by Paulmarc

Credits :

Original authors of the main rfactor track (one layout only, GP FIA layout):

ADMF1, Athon, Bubu, Zeroh, Geokhan


Track Infos from Wiki :

The Ciudad del Motor de Aragón, also known as Motorland Aragón, is a 5.344 km (3.321 mi) motorsport race track located in Alcañiz, Spain.

The circuit has been designed by well-known German architect Hermann Tilke in conjunction with the British architectural firm Foster + Partners. Formula One driver and Ferrari test driver Pedro de la Rosa was a technical and sporting consultant on the project.

The facility has been designed to incorporate three main zones – a technology park, a sports area and a leisure and culture area. The technology park will feature research and educational institutes related to the motor industry, the sports area will include the racing circuit (with multiple layouts), a karting track and various gravel circuits, whilst the leisure and culture section will feature a hotel, business centre and shopping facilities.

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Virtual Track Infos :

It includes all 5 layouts used in real life (National Cars, National Bikes, FIA GP, FIM GP and Club).

This conversion has been made from the modifications/updates I did for the rFactor track first, then I converted all this to GTR2 and Race07. Morever I did an extra layout which I did not do in rfactor: the Club layout. So, starting from a basic main layout available for rFactor now we have 5 layouts for GTR2/Race07 users.


Years ago I downloaded the first release of this track made by ADMF1, Athon, Bubu, Zeroh, Geokhan for rFactor. It included only one layout (the main one). The track was very well designed but the textures looked too bad. Also the AI cars were wrong. So it needed a full update. Frigopie updated the textures in the original track. From here I started to do a huge update & modification of the main track and added all layouts.

I have improved the original layout and made from scratch the other 4 layouts used in real life.
So now we get 5 full working layouts for this great track.

GTR2 Features :

– GP FIA layout: AI fixed, new cams
– GP FIM layout: AI done from scratch, new cams, cones and other improvements to this layout
– National: AI done from scratch, new cams, cones.
– National (Bikes): AI done from scratch, new cams, cones.
– Club layout: everything done from scratch: full AI, cones, signals, editing secondary paddock…

I worked on this one too much until I got everything running fine!

All 5 layouts features in GTR2: rain reflections, animated marshalls, time trial enabled, working pit lighs and starting lights, working safety car, rolling stars enabled.

In real life the club layout can be used simultaneously with the national track.
That is one of the features of this circuit: 2 independent tracks.

Thanks to:

ZeZeZoom for his new cams and fixes to the GP FIA layout.
Zwiss for his help in explaining how reflections work.
All users from f1classic who tested all layouts and modifications
giving feedback to this conversion&modification project.

Hope you enjoy the 5 layouts !

Paulmarc, November 2011

update v2.01 by Team PBB :

– Maximal visibility of racing line in braking zones. AIW Rapair 1.0 by dhaman
– FuelUse factor corrected
– GTR2 LOD style and trackmaps by die_Locke & FrankyBB



Size: 107 MB
Version: 2.01
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