Neva Ring v1.11

Neva Ring for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by So-Cal-Racing

Credits :

Original Track created by More Racing for rFactor *

* not sure if this is correct as there was no author infos included – so this info is without guarantee.

Track Infos from Wiki :

The Neva Ring (Russian Невское кольцо, Nevskoye Kolzo) was a temporary street circuit in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The motor racing circuit with six corners and two baffles had a length of around 3600 meters and ran crescent-shaped in the immediate vicinity of the Kirov Stadium. The track was driven counterclockwise. The track was considered one of the oldest racetracks in Russia. It was opened in 1956 with a motorcycle race. Since 1958, automobile races were held on the ring.

In 1999, the 4th round of the Russian Formula 3 Championship took place there. The race was won by the Italian Fabio Babini with a Dallara F3-99. Since 2004 competitions have been held there for the Russian Touring Car Championship. In 2006, the racetrack was abandoned due to demolition and reconstruction of the stadium. There are no further plans for a new start.

New updated AIW by BillBro :

The AI will behave much better. The .AIW was in rough shape, but is much better now.
I placed the garages behind the pit tents. Follow an AI car if you can’t find your way out…


Don’t forget to delete the HAT file for this track !

Version 1.11 – updates by BenMK1 :

Only fixed Material in this package.


• AIW from BillBro: Only Groove overworked
• Skyboxy fix, now the Snow Mountain from Russia visible
• trk: full mirror details and any LodOut higher
• LOD update and NevThmb.TGA

Have fun


Size: 25 MB
Version: 1.11
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