Nordschleife 2007 final v1.03

Nordschleife 2007 final for GTR2

GTR2 Conversion by derDumeklemmer

Nordschleife 2007 FINAL by Team

This ist the GTR2 conversion of the Nordschleife V2.21 by Team
I guess there is no need to tell anything more since the original rF-Version became a Legend already!

Team finished with current version 2.21, the final Version of Nordschleife for rFactor.

By the kindly decision to open this Version to the SimBim-World also, team earns the thanksgiving of all of us!

Pls. notice all the original documentation and readme files in the folder “documentation” as well as the EULA.txt.


– Team rF-Nordschleife for spending ~10.000 working hours to bring this beautiful track to all of us
– R8-Gordini for reviewed AIW of 24h&VLN layout
– our wifes and girlfriends for their patience

Track Infos from Wiki :

The Nürburgring is a 150,000 person capacity motorsports complex located in the town of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It features a Grand Prix race track built in 1984, and a much longer Nordschleife “North loop” track which was built in the 1920s around the village and medieval castle of Nürburg in the Eifel mountains. The north loop is 20.8 km (12.9 mi) long and has more than 300 metres (1,000 feet) of elevation change from its lowest to highest points. Jackie Stewart nicknamed the old track “The Green Hell”.

Circuit Nürburgring-2013.svg

Originally, the track featured four configurations: the 28.265 km (17.563 mi)-long Gesamtstrecke (“Whole Course”), which in turn consisted of the 22.810 km (14.173 mi) Nordschleife (“North Loop”), and the 7.747 km (4.814 mi) Südschleife (“South Loop”). There also was a 2.281 km (1.417 mi) warm-up loop called Zielschleife (“Finish Loop”) or Betonschleife (“Concrete Loop”), around the pit area.

Several touring car series still compete on the Nordschleife, using either only the simple 20.8 km (12.9 mi) version with its separate small pit lane, or a combined 24.4 km (15.2 mi)-long track that uses a part of the original modern F1 track (without the Mercedes Arena section, which is often used for support pits) plus its huge pit facilities. Entry-level competition requires a regularity test (GLP) for street-legal cars. Two racing series (RCN/CHC and VLN) compete on 15 Saturdays each year, for several hours.

The annual highlight is the 24 Hours Nürburgring weekend, held usually in mid-May, featuring 220 cars – from small 100 hp (75 kW) cars to 700 hp (520 kW) Turbo Porsches or 500 hp (370 kW) factory race cars built by BMW, Opel, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz, over 700 drivers (amateurs and professionals), and up to 290,000 spectators.

more infos


Version 1.03 (2013-09-30) :
– even more additional fixes in AIW and mesh by R8-Gordini

Version 1.01 (2013-09-30) :
– additional fixes in AIW and mesh by R8-Gordini

Version 1.0 (2013-08-08) :
– many BUGs fixed from RC4
– additional Tourist-short layout

Release Candidate 4 (2008-08-18) :
– initial GTR2 release

have fun,



Size: 108 MB
Version: 1.03
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